Radha Mohan 18 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha doesn’t reveal the truth about Damini

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Mohan says he might not want to talk about the incident but it is important for him to know how he got there, Radha starts glaring at Damini who informs him that Kaveri was right, they don’t even how to run away, Kaveri says its game over because the way Mohan talks to Radha he will accept whatever she says without listening to anything, Rahul walks towards Damini whispering that if Radha is telling the truth then his name shouldn’t to appear in this situation. Radha just looks at Damini, Ketki notices him so asks Radha to tell the truth, Mohan also asks Radha to tell the truth, Mohan turns to look at Damini and Kaveri, he asks if Damini did everything, hearing Damini and Kaveri is shocked. While even Kadambari is stunned along with the rest of the family. Tulsi asks Radha to tell Mohan how she reached the cold storage, Ketki says Radha should tell how Damini did everything, Mohan once again turns to look at Damini who is really tensed, Ketki exclaims that Damini is the reason for all the problems, Tulsi informs that it is time to tell Mohan that Damini is behind everything, Radha recalls how Damini locked her in the cold storage exclaiming that they should never meet again. Radha agrees to tell the whole truth, hearing this Damini is shocked.

Radha mentions that there was a meeting in the office and Damini fell ill suddenly after which she left the conference room, so she got suspicious and followed her. Radha reveals that Damini entered the bathroom and then she, Mohan then asks what happened, and Ketki wants to know what happened after that. Kaveri and Damini are both really tensed, Radha then mentions that she was standing outside the bathroom to wait for her, but when she didn’t come out, she went outside to look for an auto rickshaw, Damini doesn’t know what Radha is talking about. , reveals that she fainted and when she regained consciousness she was already present in the cold storage, Damini wonders what happened to Radha and why she is not telling the truth. Tulsi wonders what Radha is talking about and should reveal the truth, Kadambari says why does she feel Radha is scared of someone, Kadambari demands to know the truth about what happened to her in that vicinity. Tulsi assures that everyone is with her, but she has to tell the truth. Radha replies that she is not afraid of anyone, but tells the truth that she does not remember anything after that. Mohan asks what happened, he asks if he is not even going to tell her. He accepts that he didn’t listen to her, but he will stand by her this time. Mohan mentions that she has to tell the truth, Damini steps in asking why Mohan is forcing her when she has nothing to say, Damini says she feels she wants Radha to take her name. Mohan asks Radha to tell the truth, she replies that she is telling the truth that she was locked in the cold storage but had no idea how she got there. Radha thinks she is sorry for lying to everyone but she has to say this so that they know a very big truth. Mohan says if this is the truth then he has to end all others and asks her to come as they both need to rest.

Gungun stops them both mentioning that he has something very special to tell her, Mohan warns her not to stop them, Gungun explains that he is talking about the special thing he talked about when Radha was in ICU, Ketki is also on the side to Gungun. Kadambari says Radha should really know the truth. Radha questions Mohan when he replies that he doesn’t know anything, Mohan threatens everyone when Kadambari asks if he is threatening his own mother, Mohan asks him not to tease him, Radha insists on leaving only after knowing the truth, Gungun asks Radha to see how Mohan’s cheeks turned red, Kadambari says he should tell everything when Mohan asks hr to come with him, because then he will tell her everything, he gets up explaining that his leg is hurt , otherwise he would have taken her in his arms,

Kaveri in the room mentions that she is glad that Radha didn’t tell the truth, otherwise they would both be in jail, Damini wonders why Radha didn’t reveal the truth about them, Kadambari angrily enters the room when Damini tries to speak, however she is angry. asks Damini to shut up, she mentions that she is sure that Radha was not telling the truth and she is sure that Damini is behind what happened to Radha. Damini replies that Radha herself told the truth in front of everyone but she is innocent, Kadambari angrily says that’s why they both planned to leave this house with so much money and property deeds, Damini accepts that they were planning to run away because everyone blamed both of them for the last two days, she informs them that when Radha came, she got really scared thinking that Radha leaves no chance to remove them, but she is glad that Bhagwan was on their side. Kadambari warns Damini to end this drama, hearing Damini saying that when she protected Mohan from the inspector, everyone was blaming her but they didn’t find any evidence against her and she is still wrong even after s -so much happened. Tulsi asks Kadambari not to believe her fake tears. Damini mentions that Kadambari always thinks that she is the biggest villain in this house and the reason for all the problems, Kadambari asks that Damini is not that one, informing that no one could know about Damini better than her, she is sure of all the things that Damini made them. , she threatens not to let her alone when she finds out the truth, hearing this Damini is shocked.

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