Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Arjun defends Kashvi and exposes Mahima

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat and Nayantara bring Kashvi to the mandap covering her face with a veil. Romila hopes if she can expose Kashvi’s face and reveals to all the guests that the bride is being replaced. Mahima reaches home and enters without paying the taxi driver. The taxi driver thinks she is so selfish that she didn’t pay or even say thank you, swears that the groom finds out how selfish she is and cancels the wedding. Mahima enters the house through the back door and thinks that she will use the crocodile tears and emotionally blackmail Nayan for the wedding. She hears panditji chanting mantras and walks ahead thinking who Arjun is marrying. She shouts that this marriage can’t happen as she is a bride and Arjun is marrying someone else. Romila feels happy that Mahima will humiliate Nayan. Mahima enters the Mandap and asks Arjun who he is marrying when she is here. The guests discuss that a drama has started again. Aruna starts the drama. Jagdish shuts his mouth.

Mahima tries to lift the bride’s veil. Nayan tries to stop her. Mahima pushes Nayan. Sam gets mad at her. Mahima finally lifts the bridal veil and is shocked to see Kashvi as the bride. He yells at Kashvi how dare he take away his right. The guests start talking bad about Kashvi, who snatches her sister’s groom. Arun starts shouting again and questions Nayan’s education. Jagadish asks her to calm down as he knew Kahvi is under the veil and wanted to inform her after the wedding. Mahima keeps shouting at Kashvi, asks him to remove the mandap as the groom belongs to her and tries to slap Kashvi.

Arjun holds Mahima’s hand and asks how dare he touch his would-be wife. He asks her to tell why she had to choose Kashvi over her. Romila tries to stop him. He asks her not to interfere. He reveals that Kashvi had to stand in for Mahima as Mahima ran off with the rich Pradyuman, leaving him waiting for her in the mandap. He says Kashvi had to sacrifice his life for the family’s dignity. He continues to expose Mahima and asks her to explain why she came back after running away. Mahima thinks that he is revealing the truth to her, so she should use emotional blackmail on him. Mahima says she realized her mistake and came back to marry him. Arjun says she is lying again, she came to know that Pradyuman also has no money after Sam blocked all his bank accounts and credit cards. He says Kashvi won to be his bride and he is proud of her etc.

Precap: Mahima apologizes to Arjun. Arjun says it’s good that he found out her truth before marriage, otherwise he would have repented all his life. Mahima hears Nitya telling Nayan that Mahima is not Nayan’s daughter and Kashvi is Nayan and Sam’s daughter. She decides to reveal the truth to Kashvi.

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