Radha Mohan 20 June 2023 Episode Written Update: Mohan agrees to join the family business

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Damini explains that she has to cause pain to Mohan if she wants to get his love, she says she just wanted to feel loved by him but he forced her so now she will see his hate. She is angry.

Mohan sitting next to Radha asks if Kaveri Masi was threatening her, Radha lies saying why would she threaten her when Mohan says you shouldn’t lie if they don’t know how he can catch her anytime, he asks her to call him if she needs. his help because he will take care of both of them. Mohan wonders why she is making such an emotional face, asking what happened, Radha replies that she got emotional, she mentions that every girl has a dream to get such a husband to fight for her, she doesn’t know what good deed she has done she that she took him as her husband, Mohan hugs Radha saying who will support her if not him and it is a husband’s duty, Mohan apologizes again before hugging Radha.

Kaveri asks if Damini will take revenge from Mohan, Damini mentions now that Mohan has changed a lot so she has to take revenge from him, she says that he always stands in front of Radha and protects her from any problem that she he can’t stand them. further, Kaveri assures that Radha has no proof of Tulsi’s death so she need not worry, Damini replies that she doesn’t think Radha was only threatened as she felt she was telling the truth, Kaveri asks who would reveal the truth about them, she thinks it is Gungun, Kadambari or Mohan.

Radha is walking when Kadambari sees her, so she asks what she is doing outside, informing that she has to rest, Radha assures her that she is fine when Kadambari mentions that she wants to talk to her, Kadambari wonders why Radha laid down in front of everyone, as he said that the meeting was over, when he left to go back home when he knows that Radha left in the middle of the meeting and got lost. Kadambari holds Radha’s hand, mentioning that she knows that Damini locked her in the cold storage, she knows that Radha lied for some reason and she won’t even ask for any explanation, but she wants to apologize. Radha asks why she is apologizing, Kadambari informs that the elders of a family tend to protect the children, but she didn’t want to do it, so she apologizes to Radha. Radha mentions that Kadambari could not have stopped Damini at that time, Kadambari swears to Radha, mentioning that she is the daughter-in-law of the Trivedi family and being the elder of this house, she is responsible for her security, so she will promise that nothing. ever happens to her, Radha assures that nothing will happen to her, Kadambari blesses Radha before leaving.

Dadi asks Ramaveshwar if he thought about what Vishwaniyat said, Ramaveshwar replies that he doesn’t want to keep any relationship with Radha, Dadi asks since when did he become so stubborn and did Radha’s in-laws accept her then what are they angry with her , Ramaveshwar replies Radha broke her heart like her mother, Dadi stops him saying there is no need to talk about those who died.

The night Mohan serves dinner to Radha, she is about to eat it but he stops her by explaining that he will feed her himself, Radha starts smiling looking at Damini who tends to get angry. Mohan is not paying any attention to both of them and is only focused on helping Radha, he even removes something from her lip and they both start staring at each other, seeing which Gungun starts smiling, she asks if they both want them yes to each. other romantic glances or even going to talk, he asks Gungun to focus on the food. Radha mentions that she has to tell Mohan Jee something, everyone gets tensed, while both Damini and Kaveri are tensed. Radha mentions that Mohan promised to give her whatever she wants, he agrees assuring that he will give everything. Radha replies that she wants something for him, he replies that she has started getting agitated so she should wait till they get back to their room. Radha scolds him when she asks him not to ask for her life as she is only eighteen, Gungun says she is forty years and four thousand months old, Mohan scolds her.

Radha informs them that her first reason for entering this house was that she should meet Mohan, while the second was that his real tone should be sorted with Gungun, which she also achieved, while the third was to make him believe in Ba Kai Bihari jee once. and she succeeded in obtaining it, while he began to play the flute again. Radha says there is only one thing left she should perform her duties again, Radha asks Mohan to take back control of the business she has set up, she asks him to return to the office again hearing this even Kadambari is shocked. . Radha reveals that the office needs his support so she wants him to fulfill his responsibilities. Kadambari turns to Damini who is very tensed, yet Mohan sits on the table and doesn’t say a word. Damini is relieved that Mohan will never accept this request of Radha, she says she is not asking him to take a decision right now but he should think about it. Damini wonders what is Radha’s problem, when she knows Mohan doesn’t want to go back to office and that place makes him remember his dark past, then why is she always instigating him.

Tulsi warns Damini not to shout at Radha like that and she stays here because of her good fortune. Radha replies that she is thinking about Mohan jee’s good future, Damini intervenes mentioning that Radha should drop this discussion as she doesn’t want to go to office then no need to talk about , Damini says Mohan wouldn’t go to office but he replies that he will go to office, hearing this everyone is shocked including Kadambari. Damini tries to ask him when Mohan mentions that he is fulfilling his promise, Radha is very happy and even Kadambari smiles.

Damini says he is getting worried for no reason, Mohan stops Damini mentioning that they won’t talk about it anymore, hearing this she is shocked. Radha is unable to control herself and praises him for accepting her request, she hugs Mohan who hugs her too and they start smiling. Damini can’t bear to see both of them together. Gugnun starts to smile along with everyone else. Mohan and Radha quickly stand up as Radha runs away after feeling embarrassed. Mohan quickly picks the pots but Kadambari stops him, however he says he will send plates.

Kaveri whispers to Damini that he too has promised to marry her but is unable to fulfill it. Ketki mentions that it is perfect as Mohan will also go to office and how would something stay away from his eyes.

Damini recalls how Radha mentioned that the person who had to suffer the most will reveal the truth about Damini.

Mohan feeds Radha as she apologizes to him, she says if he keeps feeding her like this then she will actually force him to feed her even in the office, Mohan whispers to her that it will happen when he actually goes to the office , asks Radha. if she said something when Mohan asks is it really necessary to go to office, Radha gets angry as she goes to get him something sweet.

Radha asks Tulsi if she is present here and so asks her to give some sign, Tulsi makes the pot fall when Radha asks if Tulsi saw Mohan tensing thinking about going to office, Tulsi informs her that she won’t be easy on Mohan. go back to office, Radha also says she knows it won’t be easy for Mohan Jee to go to office and he will have to remember every moment with Tulsi and even their last meeting but she will make sure he takes care with office work. Tulsi leaves after hearing Mohan returning.

Mohan enters the room with Laddo, Radha starts smiling saying that he is her Bhagwan which means her the most, Mohan asks if she is trying to impress anyone as they are the only ones present here, Radha acts like she is nervous mentioning that Mohan should. to understand what a couple does when they are alone since they are alone, she continues to follow him as he tends to take a step back. Mohan asks him to stop but Radha keeps irritating him, pulls him close to her and starts intimidating him. Mohan asks Radha to sit back, he tries to run after climbing on the bed but she stops him.

Damini mentions that she was right to suspect that Radha was talking about Mohan, who will reveal the truth about them in front of everyone. Kaveri worries if she finds out the truth about them, Kaveri suggests that they both should elope tonight, when Damini replies that it’s time to solve their problem, revealing that Radha made the biggest mistake of her life by protecting them, she informs . he has to get all the evidence out of the office because after that there is nothing to worry about. Damini informs after her only mission would be to end the problems between Radha and Mohan, she vows to do something that they will become enemies. Damini threatens to do something really bad with Mohan, she exclaims to Radha what happened after Mohan joins the office.

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