Suhaagan 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya and the villagers reveal the truth to the officer

Suhaagan 20th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal coming home angry. Bindiya tells Dadi about Amy. Madan asks the officer to read the file and leaves. The officer’s wife takes out the tiffin and finds Bindiya’s letter. She starts reading it. Madan hears and thinks she is very sharp. He goes. Kaka comes to Bindiya and the officer called her to his office tomorrow as her letter reached him. Bindiya becomes happy. Phoolmati tells Amy that it is not good as they know their house now if anyone comes to know about it then. Madan talks to Lallan and tells him that Bindiya can’t do anything, she is not afraid of her letter. Bindiya is convinced that she will meet the officer and solve the water issue.

Bindiya comes to the farm and asks someone, what is the time? The guy says it’s 9:30 p.m. Bindiya comes to the villagers’ house and finds that the villagers are badly beaten by Lallan. They blame her. Kakă says you were saved, but we were badly beaten. Another guy asks him to fight Lallan and mom. Bindiya feels bad for them and says that she has to save her farm and house and will go there alone.

Amy insults Payal in school and asks her friends to call her jhooti. Payal says she wants to talk to her. Amy asks why she remained silent when Bindiya insulted her. Payal says she is not talking to Bindiya now. She says she did it for friendship. Amy challenges her to steal the phone if she wants to befriend her.

Madan and Lallan ask the officer to go to town and tell him that the villagers will not come. The officer says the villagers may not come now. Just then Bindiya comes there and tells her that mom and Lallan are bothering her. He asks about the villagers. Bindiya says she is not lying and curses Amba Maa. The officer refuses to believe her and walks out. Madan and Lallan laugh at her.

Phoolmati talks to Amy and asks if the work is done. Amy says Payal is just walking. Payal goes to the teacher’s room and takes the teacher’s phone. Just then the call comes. Payal sees the call. The teacher comes there and takes his phone. Payal thinks about Bindiya’s words and then thinks to steal the phone.

Madan tells Bindiya that even her Ambe Maa cannot save her today. Bindiya comes out sad. The officer tells him to stop. Madan and Lallan come out worried. Madan says you are back. The officer says I didn’t come alone but with everyone. I see all the villagers there. Bindiya says you came. Kakă says you show courage and we’ll freak out and stay home, no. The officer asks them to tell everything in detail. I tell him everything. Amy records the video and sees Payal stealing the teacher’s wallet. The officer calls the inspector and says there are two weirdos here, get them out of here. Lallan and Madan are about to run away but are caught by the villagers. Madan says she will take revenge on her. The officer assures Bindiya that there will be no shortage of water in chiraiya village. Bindiya thanks him.

Precap: Sarpanch and villagers appreciate Bindiya for her bravery when Phoolmati brings Payal there and says that she has stolen things many times.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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