Radha Mohan 22nd June 2023 Episode Written Update: Damini vows to take revenge on Mohan

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Tulsi falls down the stairs and calls Radha for help, she also feels something is wrong so she rushes out of the kitchen, the hearing even Mohan follows, Radha wonders why she felt Tulsi calling her for help, Mohan comes and asks if she didn’t like the Paratha, Radha replies that she didn’t, but she felt someone calling her for help. Damini and Kaveri are both still digging in the office.

Tulsi is not even able to get up and calls Radha for help, Mohan gets a bit scared asking why Radha is scaring him, Radha replies that she is not trying to scare him but telling the truth, they both start looking for the house and Radha leaves. upstairs. Mohan also starts following her. Radha rushes to see Gungun mentioning that Tulsi would be here near Gungun, Mohan is shocked so he asks what Radha meant, she replies that she just wanted to check on Gungun. Mohan says he just came out after surviving such a big incident, that’s why he feels like this, he asks her to come and rest, Radha prays that Tulsi is fine.

Tulsi is still lying on the floor informing Radha that she is not well, however Radha enters the room with Mohan.

Kaveri not being able to dig, mentioning that she has no strength left, Damini says that this is not the time to rest and if Mohan finds this proof then he will bury both of them in the same place. Kaveri and Damini continue digging when they finally hit a piece of metal, Damini is happy that they managed to find it, they both start removing the dirt and are happy that they both managed to find it, Damini and Kaveri using all their strength a open meanwhile Tulsi is still in immense pain. Damini and Kaveri both sit down again after taking a deep breath, Damini mentions that Radha wanted to make sure that Mohan finds this evidence, she exclaims that now they both will see what Radha does in the future as now his bad time will begin Mohan, her. he promises to break Mohan’s trust to the extent that he won’t be able to handle anything in the future. She exclaims that she only saw a loving Damini but now she would see her true face, she exclaims from today the end of Radha and Mohan will begin. Damini and Kaveri are shocked to hear the door open, they both remain shocked. Kaveri asks if anyone is there, Damini mentions who would come so late at night, revealing that it will be a cat, they both manage to get the bag out.

Radha can’t sleep in her room, so after returning to her bed, finally sitting up, she thinks she can’t say anything to Mohan as tomorrow is his first day at office. Radha, seeing the open window, slowly walks towards her, wondering why she is thinking as if one of her relatives is suffering a lot, she is not able to understand, while Tulsi stands outside the room, pressing her hand on ears while she can’t bear the pain.

Gurur Maa says she herself warned both of them not to come to her place but she herself asked them to come here, Guru Maa explains after bringing the proof of Tulsi’s death they gave her a way to escape from Tulsi, using this evidence. will end her soul and send her out of this world. Kaveri exclaims that Tulsi’s soul was able to stay here because of this proof and if she had known then, she would have gotten rid of this proof long ago. Guru maa exclaims that all their problems will end, she just needs five more days. Guru maa advises that Radha should not know about this, else she would try her best to protect Tulsi. Damini makes sure that Radha won’t find her, Guru Maa instructs them both to leave, Kaveri asks Damini for help explaining that her back is stuck.

Guru maa opens the bag to find Tulsi’s skeleton, exclaiming that first Tulsi is dead and now Radha as Mohan doesn’t have the love of a wife in his life, Dadi wakes up from sleep calling Radha’s name, Ramaveshwar comes asking what happened, she informs that something bad has happened to Radha. Ramaveshwar says he spoke to Vishwaniyat, so Radha is fine with Mohan too. Dadi asks if he will come back in their life, Ramaveshwar says that the one who took Radha’s wife and mother from her, left a long time ago, so he will never come back. Dadi mentions that they both should go to meet Radha once, Ramaveshwar says if Dadi wants to meet Radha then she can go alone but he has no relation with Radha anymore.

In the morning Radha waters the Tulsi plant, she performs the ritual praying that today is Mohan jee’s first day at office so everything should go smoothly. Radha then enters the Mandir, praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee, Radha takes a match to light a Diya in the Mandir. Radha asks Ba Kai Bihari for strength to ensure that Tulsi ji’s criminals are punished for their cries. Radha enters the house as Tulsi stands by the door, calls Radha who cannot listen and leaves.

Radha entering the room opens the window asking Mohan to wake up but he doesn’t respond at all and just keeps snoring, Radha thinks she won’t wake up like this, she thinks of a plan so she slowly takes the cup of green tea in which she puts her finger in, Mohan wakes up after shouting, Radha wishes him good morning, he asks what she is doing when Radha informs her that she is trying to wake him up, he replies that she could have done it with love, Radha approaches him mentioning that he is her husband so if she wouldn’t show her love to him then who will she show it to, Mohan takes the name of maa and Gungun but when he is about to take the name of Damini Radha angrily stops him saying that there is You mustn’t spoil the morning after he gets his name, she hands him his toothbrush and toothpaste, saying that he should get ready since today is his first day at the office. Mohan acts like he is asleep when Radha threatens to spill the entire tea on him, Mohan thinks that Radha has become very dangerous so he starts brushing his teeth while sitting on the bed.

Radha thinks she didn’t hear any sound of Tulsi je, so she thinks she might be in Gungun’s room. Radha hits a pot which is on the floor so she picks it up thinking that Dulari is not doing anything right, she enters Gungun’s room who is still sleeping. Radha asks Gungun to wake up as she has to go to her school, but Gungun informs that today is holiday, however Radha informs that they are over. Radha asks Tulsi to see how both Gungun and Mohan don’t like to wake up in the morning. She asks if Tulsi is here, which then makes the tray fall, Radha is happy saying that it felt like Tulsi was not with her since yesterday. Tulsi informs that she is suffering a lot and doesn’t know what Damini and Kaveri have done to her, she asks Radha to go and find out.

Radha forces Gungun to wake up and takes her to the bathroom, Gungun exclaims that summer vacation is over, however Radha asks her to go get ready. Tulsi wonders what Damini and Kaveri did as the pain is not ending.

Radha asks everyone to come as breakfast is ready, Kaveri exclaims that Radha just returned two days ago but now it is perfect. Damini mentions that it will all be over after today as Radha was really interested in making sure that Mohan meets his older self, but if something happens in the office, seeing which Mohan is unable to remain calm . Kaveri exclaims that Damini is very dangerous as she plans to hurt the person she loves, Damini explains that it is Mohan’s problem because if he had accepted her then all these problems would have ended but now he will see why capable. Kaveri asks what about the situation they have created in the cabin, Damini says she is also worried but assures that she will handle the situation.

Ajeet comes to ask Radha if she saw Ketki as she didn’t come back to her room from last night, Radha notices Ketki sleeping on sofa so she says she is sleeping here, Ajeet wonders why Ketki is sleeping on sofa , Radha asks if they. they both argued, Ajeet replies if that had happened he would be the one sleeping here. Ajeet and Radha try to wake up Ketki but she doesn’t respond at first but then slowly opens her eyes, Radha asks Ketki if she is fine, Damini and Kaveri are worried. Ajeet asks why Ketki came and slept outside, Ketki informs him that she couldn’t sleep last night so she went out to walk and then came here to sleep. Ketki asks Ajeet to go and get her some coffee, Ajeet says she is scolding him so everything is fine. Radha is happy so Ajeet leaves, Radha asks Ketki to come as she will serve her breakfast, Ketki informs as she was returning from her walk, Damini and Kaveri were going somewhere but both of them didn’t give a proper answer and she didn’t -he remembers. anything after that Radha gets very worried, she looks at Damini and Kaveri sitting on the balcony. Mohan calls Radha, she informs her that if she is referring to Damini and Kaveri then it can’t be a coincidence as they both would have definitely gone out for some reason, she makes sure to keep an eye on both of them, after which their intelligence will not work. . Kaveri tells Damini that Ketki might not know the truth and that she would have said that she saw them both leaving, Damini assures them that there is nothing to worry about as Radha will not be able to do anything after what will happen to her in the office.

Precap: Guru maa takes Tulsi’s skeleton with her, starts slapping the skeleton and even lifts her up, Mohan wakes up from his sleep taking Tulsi’s name. Radha tries to console him.

Credit update to: Sona

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