Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sonam impresses Nityam

Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Manav making Saavi eat something and asks her to say now. Saavi says she is tensed and says Manav is a good guy but I don’t know if I will be able to love him like husband and wife love. Manav says thank god you don’t doubt me. He says that every relationship becomes stronger with friendship. Saavi says she doesn’t want to become the reason for his sadness. Manav asks her to share her feelings and says she won’t let Manav move on from Monu. Sonam thinks that finally Saavi is settled with Manav, now he can make his place in Dalmia Industries. Raksham comes there. Sonam says you are not doing any work and don’t let me work. She gets irritated with him. Raksham tells Sonam that he needs her. Nutan comes to Saavi and says you said you will get engaged on the very day of divorce. Saavi says he wants to follow the path shown by her. Nutan says everything will be fine and says he knows it’s not easy for her. She says but Manav is happy and doing it with his heart. She asks her to think about him. She asks him to buy rings for their engagement. Manav comes there and asks Saavi to pick him up from his institute and tells her that he will give her auto fare. Saavi says no. She says neither you nor me will go to work and says they will go and buy engagement rings. She says tomorrow is our engagement. Manav is surprised and pretends to faint. Saavi says looks like I agreed to his proposal so soon. Manav says no.

Sonam shows the project report to Nityam. Nityam says it is really gorgeous. He says you are MBA and very talented. She asks if I can help you with this project. Nityam says you will lead this project. Sonam gets happy and says that if she can come to office. Nityam says yes. Vedika calls Sonam and asks where is she going? Sonam says she is going to office, to make up for Raksham’s incapacity. Vedika says you can’t leave him like this. Sonam says I can’t babysit her and leaves. Dimpy hears them and thinks you are here because of Raksham, if Raksham doesn’t stay here then you won’t be here either. Saavi and Manav are choosing rings in the jewelery shop. Nityam sits in his car and thinks about Saavi. Saavi smiles seeing a couple and imagines Nityam and herself. He imagines Nityam making his gate ring. Manav completes Saavi’s ring while she thinks about Nityam. Nityam is waiting for Sonam. Sonam comes out and says lets go. She asks you if you are okay? Nityam says yes, I am fine. Ratna calls Sonam and asks what to wear tomorrow as divorce and engagement are both there. Sonam says when Saavi is not confused to marry Manav, then why are you confused. Ratna says Saavi is sad. Sonam acts and says loudly that Saavi is very happy. He then hears Ratna and tells her that Saavi and Manav have gone to buy engagement ring. She asks Nityam to drop her at the jewelery shop. Nityam says even he can come. She asks are you sure, what about office. Nityam looks and leaves.

Dimpy comes to Raksham and asks him to get up, says your wife left for work and asks him to learn from Sonam, how she is involved in the house and now in the office. Raksham gets up and says you have started again. Dimpy tells her about Saavi and Manav’s engagement tomorrow. Raksham gets angry and doesn’t hear her no matter what she says to provoke him. She thinks that today her attack is gone and thinks that the small attacks will destroy it. Sonam and Nityam come to the jewelery shop. The jeweler says that Nityam had bought a special ring for someone special. Saavi thinks if he would have bought me ring and asks Nityam. Nityam looked.

Precap: Nutan comes to Nityam and scolds him and says that Saavi’s happiness will make way for your forgiveness. Later, Saavi refuses to write Manav’s name on her hand with mehendi.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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