‘Sailboat Below Deck’ Star Daisy Kelliher Reacts To Explosive Love Triangle Twist

Sailing yacht below deckDaisy Kelliher is opening up about the drama of the love triangle between her and her co-stars Colin MacRae and Gary King, which has become a focal point of the Bravo reality series.

Recent episodes of the fourth season saw Kelliher and MacRae progress their relationship from friends to lovers, but things didn’t go well. In a shocking twist on Monday’s (June 19) episode, Parsifal III’s chief flight attendant made a big mistake when she accidentally referred to MacRae as ‘Gary’, her former fling, while in bed.

MacRae took it in stride, telling the cameras, “I’ve never been mistaken for someone else in bed. It’s a blow to the ego. I mean, maybe she actually thinks about him when we’re fooling around? I do not know.”

When Kelliher explained, he said the mistake was due to MacRae and King messing with his head. “I thought you were Gary. Because those two are in my head, you both f*****g my head, I just want you to get the hell out of my head.”

MacRae told her she needed to “take responsibility” and “figure out what you want.”

Colin MacRae and Gary King on Below Deck

Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Talking to peopleKelliher admitted that her relationship with MacRae was “much more serious” than any potential romance she had with King, but added that the latter’s presence complicated things.

Kelliher, who was friends with MacRae for three years before things turned romantic, said she was initially “suspicious” of him.

“He has a lot of girlfriends, so I didn’t want to be just another girlfriend,” she said. “And for me, I felt like he needed to take time to be alone and figure out his life before getting into anything serious. So a lot happened while we were trying to find our feelings for each other.”

Despite coming close throughout the season, Kelliher admitted, “It wasn’t good sailing.”

“I think in an ideal world, we would have liked each other, gotten to know each other and kind of progressed on it. But I had a history with Gary and that’s nobody’s fault,” she explained.

“Colin was taken (when I slept with Gary) and Gary and I get on and, yes, I think we have feelings for each other to some level. So that added so many complicated things,” she continued.

As for whether Kelliher and MacRae are still together, fans will have to watch and find out what happens, though the reality star seemed to hint that things didn’t end on the best of terms.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but a lot has happened in the last few weeks and at this point I don’t expect to hear from him,” she said. “It’s hard not being able to comment because I don’t want to spoil anything for viewers or anything like that. But yes, a lot has happened in the last year.”

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