“Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals ‘Consistent Event’ Brought Kim Cattrall Back

“sarah jessica parker reveals ‘consistent event’ brought kim cattrall back

And just like that… fans are eagerly awaiting Kim Cattrall’s return to Sex and the city universe, and now Sarah Jessica Parker is talking about how it all came about.

“It was just an idea that we all discussed, (showrunner) Michael Patrick (King) and I and the studio,” Parker said TVLineadding that the return of Samantha Jones (Cattrall) comes at a “very opportune time in a very specific story, in a kind of consequential event in Carrie’s life.”

Jessica Parker hasn’t shared any other details about what that “follow-up event” could be, but fans are already speculating that it could be for a wedding or another major storyline.

It was confirmed last month that Cattrall will reprise her role as Samantha for a brief cameo in the second season of the film. And Exactly. Her appearance is set to be brief and was filmed separately from the rest of the cast, so she had no interaction with Jessica Parker or her other former co-stars.

“It’s just this really cute, fast little phone that feels so normal, and it’s just a perfect portrait of the longevity of that friendship and what it means and the ease of it,” Jessica Parker explained.

King, who serves as the show’s director, writer and executive producer, said he doesn’t know what happened to make this return come to life. Cattrall previously said she was not interested in appearing in the film SATC spin-off series, although her character appeared off-screen in season 1 in a series of text messages with Jessica Parker’s Carrie.

“I don’t know what happened: some kind of fan magic, some kind of show business magic,” King said TVLine. “I’m surprised by that too… Something came out of nowhere and all of a sudden I got Samantha and Carrie in a scene together.”

King went on to say that he was “very unhappy” that news of Samantha’s return had leaked, but hinted that there are “two more layers” of surprises with the popular character’s appearance.

And just like that…Season 2 premiere, Thursday, June 22, Max

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