Sapno Ki Chhalaang 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Radhika Supports Preeti

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 20th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhika hitting Baldev. The girls try to close the door. Baldev and his goons enter the house. The girls protect Preeti. Baldev asks Preeti to come with him. Mrs. Taluskar and her son are coming. The goons scare her and send her away. Baldev says Preeti is my wife, I am worried about her, leave it alone. He threatens them with the police.

Radhika says Sree, call police, Baldev will be arrested for domestic violence. She says you want to beat your wife and take her by force, let’s call police if you trust, you think we are fools, we don’t know laws. Radhe says Radhika has proved that family means a lot to her. Suman says Jairam said something. He asks what. Gomti asks them to come and eat. Suman says I will talk to you later. Abhishek comes home. He hears the girls screaming. He goes to see. He sees the elders dragging Preeti. He asks the girls to relax. He asks Baldev to relax and talk. He asks what the problem is. Baldev asks who are you. Abhishek says I am their neighbour, calm down and talk, why fight. Sree says he lost her. Radhika says she is trying to talk and waste time, calls police.

Radhika says are you on our side or his side, he is misbehaving. Abhishek says you all made Baldev angry. They argue. The other neighbors come and ask what’s going on. Sree calls the police. Baldev takes Preeti. The guard asks how you got here. The police are coming. Sree says I called you. The inspector asks what the guy did, tell me.

Suman asks Jairam to have mango kulfi. Amma says call Radhika. Lavi says Radhika got freedom and money. Lucky calls Radhika. He says she is not responding. Radhika says everything. She says I just said some wrong laws, Baldev would not have known anyway. Baldev and the thugs are arrested. Radhika says I can’t do anything now.

Vrinda comes and sees the police. The inspector asks them to come and give the statement. Vrinda says we will also come. Mrs. Taluskar says girls are good, no one can disturb them, I will come too. Radhika gets Suman’s call. She says I will call back. Baldev was scolding Preeti. Suman hears this on the call. Radhe asks Lavi to check the live location. Lavi checks and asks what Radhika is doing at the police station. Inspector says Baldev said Preeti ran away with jewellery, Preeti’s family is ready to give statement against her. Radhika says she has no money. She says Preeti will tell the truth. Everyone is worried about Radhika. Preeti cries and says my family is with Baldev, I have my truth but no proof. Sree asks if you will lose without fighting. Preeti says I will leave city today. Sree asks how long will you run. Radhika says she will go to another city and change her name, Baldev can’t find her, he has no option. Preeti says no, I will fight Baldev and win. Radhika says you have this family with you.

Preeti says I want to lodge an FIR, I will tell you everything. The inspector says you are now a survivor. Abhishek smiles seeing Radhika. She gets a call and leaves. He says he would inform his family. Vrinda says they are simple people. Radhika says sorry, don’t worry, everything is fine, Preeti filed FIR against her husband. Radhe says you didn’t tell us. Lavi asks if you were hurt. Radhika says no, I made the elders go to jail. Amma says you did good. Gomti says you are fighting with everyone there. Lucky says its fine. Radhe says anything could have happened. Radhika says we came here to arrest Baldev, everything is fine, don’t worry. Suman leaves.

Suman says stay away from Preeti. Radhika says her family has left her, I can’t leave her. Suman says to change the house. Preeti looks.

Credit update to: Amena

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