Shiv Shakti 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv does justice to the Asurs

Shiv Shakti 20th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv saying that man’s life is decided by destiny. Daksh hears him and comes to his palace. Prasuti tells him that he knows how he feels, because his father was insulted. She says whatever Shiv did is to end your father’s arrogance. Daksh says he will not take his father’s insult and says he will ban Shiv Bhakti in his kingdom. All the temples are closed in his kingdom of soldiers. Shiv says he doesn’t care about his respect or insult. Lakshmi tells Narayan that we will think about respecting Shiv as this world is because of him. Brahma dev says Daksh didn’t see that Shiv cut off my 5th head of arrogance but he saw his father’s insult which he couldn’t bear. Narayan says why is Shiv not stopping Daksh and says the path Daksh is going will give birth to Shakti which will bring love in Shiv’s life and I will decide this. Later, Daksh and Narad are on the city tour to check whether all the temples are closed or not. Narad sees the Shivling in the open under the tree. Daksh gets angry and asks his soldiers to break the Shivling. Narayan comes there in disguise and asks them to stop. Daksh asks who are you, to stop me. Narayan asks if you will take revenge by breaking this Shivling and says you will do what Shiv deserves. He asks the soldiers to bring the dry leaves. They bring the leaves. Narayan throws the leaves on the Shivling and then says that he will throw ashes on the Shivling. Daksh asks her to do it. Narayan throws the ash/ashes of the Shivling.

Shiv sits as the Aghoris throw leaves and ashes at Shiv. Daksh asks what are you doing? Narayan says Shiv deserves this and asks Daksh to take Datura himself. Daksh understands. Narayan presents Datura to Shivling. Daksh asks the soldiers to break the Shivling. Narayan says which Shivling and says it is not visible, so how will you take it out. Daksh gets angry. Narayan comes in his divine form. Narad feels immense happiness and says that Narayan is doing his puja and on the other side Ahoris and others. He says Narayan is great for not letting Shiv feel insulted. Daksh says I didn’t expect this from you, that you will do Shiv’s puja in front of me. Daksh says you thought about Aaradhya but not about your devotee. He asks Narayan, why didn’t you speak that day. Narayan says Shiv is corpse without Shakti and says he can’t do anything because of Shakti. Daksh thanks Narayan and says he will pray Shakti to be born in my house and then keep her away from Shiv for revenge. Narayan asks are you still angry with me. Daksh says no. Narayan blesses Daksh to have Shakti. Lakshmi says now she understood that he went to bring Shakti into existence.

Narayan tells Shiv that Devi Shakti must come to this earth. He keeps the last leaves. Leaves come to Shiv. Shiv feels Shakti holding his hand. In Asur lok, Mata takes out her child from her womb and it flies into the air.

Chandra dev informs Inder Dev that he felt something strange happening in Asurs lok. Inder dev comes there and kills Asur’s child. Mata cries and says Inder Dev killed my many sons. Asuras attack Dev lok and mess everything up. He is about to get his foot on the throne when Shiv comes there and fights with the Asuras. He beats the Asur King and is about to kill him with Trishul. Mata comes there and asks him to kill this son too. She says when Inder attacked my womb you didn’t interfere and when it was about Inder’s life you came to save him. Shiv says you both were greedy. He says you want to give birth to your sons, use them against your sister. He says you are as guilty as Inder. Inder says whatever I did is my duty to save Dev Lok. Shiv asks that I punish you and cut off your head like cutting off the head of Brahma. He says you have committed a big sin, you have attacked a mother’s womb and now you are talking about debt. He says your fear and greed of others is wrong. He tells Inder that from now on he will also be afraid and asks him not to make this mistake again. Mata asks if you will tell me the truth. Shiv says I will prove him right, you thought it was your greed and Inder killed him out of fear. Close your eyes and take all the stones from Asurs lok. All stones become little boys. Mata is happy to see her dead sons alive. She comes to them as Shiv looks at her. Shiv says that people get jealous of others, thinking about what they couldn’t get and what they don’t have, and that’s why it’s better to be grateful for what you have. He asks them to make life easy and jealous.

Precap: Daksh asks Devi to be born as his daughter. Sati is born. Shakti and Shiv come face to face.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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