Shiv Shakti 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Daksh gets angry hearing Sati singing Shiv’s bhajan

Shiv Shakti 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daksh finding the Rudraksh in Sati’s hand and asking Prasuti. Prasuti says some guests may have given it away. Daksh says no guest gave this and asks Sevika if anyone came here? Sevika says no one had come here. Daksh says he doesn’t want an unwanted guest or an unwanted gift. He throws the Rudraksh and it goes to Kailash and lands in Shiv’s hand. Shiv remembers the tear becoming a Rudraksh. Shiv wears the Rudraksh in his band. The boys think he is sad, just then he smiles thinking of her. The boys come to Shiv and ask if he met Sati and talked to her. He says he could see her but couldn’t talk to her. He says whenever he talks to her, he will tell her how you all took me to Daksh’s palace. He says your name will be linked with my name and will be called Shiv Gann.

Deeti comes to Daksh’s palace and says that she has come to see her younger sister Sati. Daksh asks why did you come without invitation. Deeti says someone else came to your Sabha without invitation, Shiv. She says Shiv came uninvited to meet Sati and asks what is his relationship with Sati. Daksh says he has no relation with Sati and says that’s why I didn’t call you. Later, Daksh says that Sati will worship only two gods, Narayan and Brahma dev. Prasuti says that it is wrong to pass on the enmity to his daughter. He says that Sati will become a Narayan Bhakt like him. He starts singing Bhajan for Narayan. Sati grew up as a girl and sings Bhajan. Shiv smiles. Sati prays to Narayan, brahmadev and Daksh. She is a devotee of Narayan and asks Daksh to make her see Narayan. Daksh says he will make her see Narayan and tells her he will come with Dev gann.

Later, Sati tries to get the flower for Narayan from the tree. She hears someone singing bhajan and starts walking. She sees Shivling, comes near and smiles. She sees a Shiv gann/boy saying har har mahadev…om namashivay. Sati asks the boy, to whom she prays. The boy asks if you don’t know him. Sati asks who did you pray to? The boy says you are from palace and says Daksh banned shiv bhakti and says Shiv’s name is in everyone’s heart. He says I am Nandi and asks which animal will I send your father with. Sati says he is Dakshayani and can punish him. Nandi asks her to go and tell her father that she cannot stop Shiv’s bhakt. Sati looks at the Shivling and leaves.

Narayan comes to Lakshmi while planting a seed. He says he has to go to Palace to meet Sati. She says Sati was born so that the world doesn’t become Shivheen, but she doesn’t know about him and worships you. They come to the Palace. Sati presents him with flowers. Daksh asks Narayan to hear Dakshayani’s song. Sati starts singing bhajan for Narayan, then changes the bhajan and sings whatever Nandi was singing. Narayan and Lakshmi smile. Daksh gets angry and angrily rings the temple bells and breaks it. Sati is shocked and teary eyed. She runs away from there. Prasuti walks behind him. Daksh apologizes to Narayan. Narayan says he is very happy with Sati and blesses her.

Nandi applies chandan lep and bhasm to the Shivling so that the sun’s rays do not fall on it. He tries to take the Shivling from there. The men ask him how he can take the heavy Shivling and he tells them about Daksh. He says he is not afraid of Daksh and says Om Namashivay. He manages to pick it up and starts walking. He finds the trish and says Om Namashivay.

Sati tells Prasuti that she doesn’t know how this happened. Prasuti asks her not to feel bad. Sati says pita shri might be angry with me. Daksh remembers Shakti’s words and calms down. Sati regrets meeting Nandi singing that bhajan. Daksh says he is not angry with her and asks who taught you this. Sati says she met a Nandi boy in jungle who said Shiv is greater god than Narayan and says he said you banned his bhakti. She says she told me that you hid this from me.

Nandi takes Shivling home and tells him that today is the last day of his life. His baba comes out and says people find it difficult to do jaap 101 times but you managed to get 1008 Shivlings. Baba says I made kheer for you. Nandi says they will come to get me, I will spend my remaining time with my Shivling. Baba says Shiv will not let anything happen to you.

Sati asks Daksh about Shiv. Daksh tells him that Shiv is their enemy and tells everything how he beheaded Brahmadev and declared that he will not be worshipped. He says if she wants to worship then he will open Shiv temple. Sati says whoever is my father’s enemy is also my enemy. Daksh hugs her.

Shiv’s words: Shiv says the problem arises when fights are for ego. He asks people to fight for truth and not ego.

Precap: Dakshayani Sati comes to confront Shiv. Shiv says it is the call of love.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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