Maitree 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashish in disguise confronts Maitree

Maitree 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fake is caught by Maitree. Ashish administers drugs intravenously. He is caught red-handed by Maitree, who claps her hands. Disguised Ashish is informed by Maitree that she will take him out in public. He makes an effort to convince her that He is Ashish. Maitree disagrees and presses him on giving the medicine. She threatens to expose him before leaving.

The doctor draws Ashish’s blood the next day. The doctor finally returns with the findings. Sona and Maitree wonder about the result of the report. The doctor claims that no traces of drugs were found in his blood and that the result is negative. Both Nandini and Kusum are pleased. Om praises the doctor before leaving him.

Maitree is urged by Kusum to drop Ashish’s questions. According to Maitree, she is not convinced that he is Ashish. Ashish chuckles. He is Ashish as Kusum and Nandini sat. Nandini admits that she has known her husband’s touch with Maitree. According to Maitree, a DNA test will completely dispel his uncertainty. Not necessary according to Nandini. According to Ashish, Maitree is right. He makes a remark about her doubt. Maitree is invited by Harsh. Maitree promises to arrive later. She considers Fake Ashish’s behavior as he leaves and concludes that he is not Ashish.

Ashish takes Maitree aside in the shed and tells her that he caught him with fresh water and shows her the real drugs and consumes them in front of her. Fake Ashish admits that he is not real Ashish and asks him to find his reason. Maitree looked. He says he came to separate her from Harsh. Maitree asks who is he and what did he do with Ashish. Fake Ashish says he will know soon but by then it will be so late and no one can stop me. Maitree slaps him and challenges him that she will send him to jail in 24 hours.

Maitree considers a plan to expose Ashish. Maitree is urged by Harsh not to harbor any sadness. Ashish’s missing status is causing concern for his family. Homecoming for Ashish. Nandini beams. Sona asks their plans. They will be celebrating tonight, Ashish explains, and he has brought their favorite cuisine as a surprise for them. To plan the unexpected occasion, Ashish asks Maitree. Likewise, Maitree. He refuses to give her the bag, even though she tries to steal it.

Go into the kitchen and take out the snake box. Maitree appears there. From her point of view, he is hiding the box. Maitree asks the location of the food box he delivered. He is deceptive. When Nandini arrives, she takes them with her. Maitree’s name is on his signature. To check the time, he motions to Maitree. Late. Fake In Maitree’s room, Ashish releases a snake, anticipating the end of her story.

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