‘Stars from Mars’ must be evacuated before explosion in presentation (VIDEO)

‘stars from mars’ must be evacuated before explosion in presentation (video)

The night of celebrity cars is rudely interrupted in the June 19 episode of Stars on Mars. StrippedPixel has an exclusive look at the incident as everyone rushes to evacuate!

When a fire breaks out in the hab garden (due to an electrical surge), the computer alerts everyone to the emergency. With the computer telling them to evacuate, the stars quickly begin to move (and Porsha Williams Guobadia wakes up), though at first the question is where to go. “You’re not moving fast enough; it’s a fire!” Tinashe exclaimed.

“God. Every day, it’s something,” remarked Richard Sherman.

With the risk of an explosion detected, the celebronauts quickly donned their suits before rushing outside. Watch the clip above to see who rushes (and who doesn’t), if everyone makes it out, and what happens next.

In the aptly titled “Fire in the Hole,” the ten remaining contestants must brave the elements of the brutal Martian desert to find out who has what it takes to survive after an unexpected fire breaks out in the hub. This week’s mission tests their survival skills and will earn them the coveted survival mission patch. Depending on the success of the mission, the assigned mission commander will either determine who is “Mission Critical” or be at risk of being extracted and sent back to Earth.

Star Trek legend William Shatner serves as mission control, dispensing the information the celebrities need. “He brilliantly encapsulates the tone of our show, because this is a big, bold, quirky idea, and it’s designed to be family-friendly and make you smile,” according to creator and executive producer Chris Culvenor.

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