Suhaagan 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rose challenges Payal for stealing

Suhaagan 17th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Bindiya thinking of sharing her problems with Master Ji. Master ji’s wife comes there and asks him to have tea. She then says that Master ji has gone to City and will be late. Bindiya says she will go. Master ji’s wife asks him to stop coming there as he is wasting his time with her and not giving time to his son. Bindiya got up crying. Master ji’s wife asks her not to say anything if she is ashamed. Bindiya leaves. Payal hugs Amy/Rose and tells her that she is more than her sister. Amy says she is going to Kanpur for her birthday and will stay at the hotel. She asks if he will come with her. Payal gets happy and says she will come. Phoolmati receives the video sent by Rose and is happy to see Payal cheating in class. She thinks just 3 days ahead and punches the date on the calendar. Rose comes to the samosa shop and buys 3 samosas. She thinks that Payal will think that she has stolen and takes the samosas in her hands and runs away, before the vendor can give them to her. She comes to Payal and says she stole it. Payal says it is bad. Rose says you stole the hw page in class. She asks Payal to go steal something and tells her that it is a prank in town.

Bindiya goes and thinks about all the problems. She faints and falls down. Payal comes to the store and steals chocolates and other things while Rose records everything.

Kaka splashes water on Bindiya’s face. Bindiya regains consciousness. Kaka asks her to go home and says she will take care of her farm. Bindiya takes her bag and leaves. Amy asks Payal if she chose all these things. Payal says yes. She says stealing is good and it is happiness. She sees Bindiya coming and acts, says they will go shopping in town and is happy to make her friend. Payal says you are my sister and hugs her. Bindiya says I didn’t know you have another sister. Amy names Bindiya Mason. Bindiya asks Payal to come. Payal talks to him arrogantly and asks him to leave. Bindiya shows her satchel and asks do you remember anything. Payal says I have to go. Amy says this friendship is over.

Bindiya and Payal come home. Payal accuses Bindiya of being jealous of her as Amy has become her friend and blames her for the bad behavior. Bindiya asks why did you sell my satchel? Payal says she doesn’t have pencil or book and says she sold her bag as she doesn’t need it anymore. Bindiya cries and says there is a lot of trouble and says Lallan is creating trouble and mom is back. Payal is back. Bindiya tells him that he can never fight her. Payal is walking. Dadi tells Bindiya that she doesn’t know what Payal will do after she grows up.

Later, Bindiya takes food for Payal and tells Dadi that if Payal sleeps without having food, then they will not feel well. She comes to Payal and tries to make her realize her mistake. Payal says how can it be wrong as he gave her happiness. Bindiya says if that new girl taught you this. Payal says the girl is good and rich and I like going to school because of her. She asks for his phone. Bindiya says she will get him a phone in 1-2 years. Payal thinks she has to lie to Amy about the phone. Bindiya washes the utensils and thinks what to do?

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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