“It felt really special and authentic”

“it felt really special and authentic”

While teen dramas that deal with serious topics are more common these days than they once were Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-2015) – just one of several series in the franchise – was on, it wasn’t. And when StrippedPixel recently spoke with Jake Epstein (who played Craig Manning in seasons 2-8) about his latest Hallmark movie, The wedding contractwe had to get him to look back on his time on the show.

“At the time, you never know what kind of impact something you’re in is going to have. And when I did lose weight, I mean, it felt really special and authentic. I loved the character I was playing,” he said. “It wasn’t until years later that I realized that a lot of those stories meant a lot to a lot of people who may be going through similar things and felt comfortable in that. So yes, I feel very proud to be a part of it.”

He also pointed out that since he is Canadian and “lose weight it’s a cornerstone of Canadian entertainment, I feel pretty proud to have been a part of it in some way.”

He saw and worked with his own lose weight co-stars from the show and would be willing to do it again, including in a Hallmark movie. “Oh, 100 percent,” he said immediately, and even had an argument: “He would be named High School Reunionand it just would be lose weight characters that appear.”

Epstein would also be for them in various roles. “Everybody would play against the guy. That would be great,” he shared.

It’s clear what time it is lose weight meant to him. “It was my second high school. I probably spent more time on the set of Degrassi than I did at my current high school. So when I meet people, it’s a real high school reunion — more real than my real-life high school date,” he said with a laugh.

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