Suhaagan 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update Payal tries to befriend Amy

Suhaagan 19th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal trying to convince Amy to take her to the city. Amy says she won’t take it. Payal offers her the sugar paratha but Amy throws it away and leaves. Bindiya thinks how to reach the officer. He sees his peon holding his bag in the car. She thinks about keeping the letter in her bag and leaving. She goes inside seeing Madan coming with the officer. The officer sits in the car and drives off. Bindiya is on deck. Amy tells Phoolmati about Payal. Phoolmati asks him to target Bindiya as well. Payal knocks on the door. Phoolmati asks who came? Payal hears his voice but ignores it. Pholmati is hiding. Amy opens the door. Payal hugs her and goes inside. He apologizes to her. Phoolmati thinks Amy will make Payal go quickly. Amy says she won’t forgive her easily. Bindiya keeps the letter in the tiffin. Madan scolds the driver for letting the deck open. He goes down to close it. Bindiya gets down and hides under the car. Madan closes the panel and sits in the car.

Amy is part of Payal. Payal looks at her joker makeup and asks Amy. Amy asks him to dance now. Payal thinks that once he befriends her he will go to City with her. Master ji sees Bindiya and asks why she didn’t come to study. His wife tells him about the fight between Bindiya and Payal. Bindiya says she has many responsibilities and has not had time to study. Master ji asks him to take time. Payal starts dancing. Amy asks him to dance with dolls. Payal dances and sits on Phoolmati, who hides the disguise of a table. He also makes Amy sit. Phoolmati gets worried. Bindiya comes home. Dadi tells her that Payal is not at home. Bindiya says she will go and check. Payal massages Amy’s shoulders. She sees the table moving and is about to pull the cloth, when Bindiya comes there and asks Payal to come. Amy and Bindiya argue with each other. Amy challenges Payal against Bindiya and asks her to leave from there. Bindiya asks Payal where her self respect has gone, she insults you and you hug her. Payal pushes Bindiya and makes her fall. He asks her not to try to be his mother and leaves.

Precap: Bindiya tells the office that mom and Lallan are bothering them. The officer refuses to believe her. Payal steals someone’s phone to befriend Amy as Amy records it and says my work is done.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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