Udaariyaan 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat tries to convince Ekam

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The episode starts with Nehmat asking Sartaj if you are working out your plan. Sartaj says yes, Ekam is finding out things, I am showing him that some cases are against me, rest now, sleep. He leaves. She says tomorrow is imp day for me. He holds his belly and says we’re going to sleep now baby.

Ekam thinks about Nehmat. He sees Harleen sleeping and thinks what am I thinking, why should Harleen be punished, my love is Nehmat. Balbeer wakes up Naaz. Naaz asks what happened, I can’t sleep with Swaroop in her room, she snores a lot. Say I can’t sleep with everyone in the hall, make me coffee. She says I am not maid, I have water and I am sleeping. He threatens to leave her. She scolded him.

Balbeer and Naaz argue. She says we have to be with Ekam to get the house back from Sartaj. Naaz says I am getting angry and want to kill Sartaj and Nehmat. Sartaj smiles seeing Nehmat and says you look like Jhansi ki rani today. She asks him to bless her and say that she will win. He says go Nehmat, you will win. Harleen calls Satti and asks her how to make halwa. Satti guides her. Harleen says we have planned a surprise for Ekam, we will do puja together, you all come here soon. Satti says we will come on time. Swaroop asks Naaz to help Cherry. Satti says everything will be fine between Ekam and Harleen. Renuka comes and apologizes to Satti. Satti says you are our family, Nehmat supports Sartaj, we don’t know something. Renuka says how can Nehmat be so wrong when you gave him good values. Nimmo thinks they don’t know what good Nehmat is doing.

At temple, Ekam says I will not let you go to Sartaj, you will stay with me in my house. Nehmat asks through what relationship, what will you tell Harleen. Sartaj paints a room. Nimmo comes and asks where Nehmat is. He says I don’t know, she is keeping a big responsibility. She says you are also keeping a big responsibility, she didn’t tell me, you both are doing this for everyone’s good, I know you care about Nehmat, you can tell me your feelings. He says I will tell my feelings to the one who has right to my heart. Nehmat and Ekam argue. He says come with me, you know what I can do. She asks why you keep threatening me, come. She does a havan kund and says you want to make me yours, ok marry me and make me your second wife, take me home, you don’t deserve Harleen or anyone. She scolded him. She says you are cheating on Harleen who took the bullet to save me, she can’t conceive because of me, it’s not your fault, she wants to be with you, she sees me in your eyes, even then she doesn’t say anything, she does a lot for you , what you did for her, she had gone to die because of you. They cry.

Nehmat says Harleen changed the meaning of one sided love, she loves you and gave place to your ex too, how can you keep relationship with me, you may not have guilt, I will die of guilt, when you didn’t become hers , how will you become mine Ekam remembers Harleen’s words. Jasmin comes there. Nehmat says come, we will get married and show the world that love is selfish, what happened, Ekam, come, we will become husband and wife, I am ready, I have no problem.

Nehmat says I left you in mandap that day, you held Harleen’s hand, ok I am back, hold my hand. She says Harleen should be here and she should see what love is, love means sacrificing ourselves for the happiness of others. Jasmin angrily clicks their picture. She says I knew this, I will not leave her, Harleen will never believe me, I will expose truth to Nehmat, she should know what her husband is doing. Harleen is waiting for Ekam. She says Ekam will see this and be happy. Pandit ji asks how much longer. She says just some time. She calls Ekam. Nehmat thinks please Ekam make a right decision today.

Nehmat says you are hurt that our love is not consummated, promise me we will never meet. Ekam cries.

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