Suhaagan 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Baldev is shocked reading the letter

Suhaagan 25th July 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Episode starts with Bindiya is about to go to call others. Payal bites Krish’s hand and holds his hand over his mouth and asks Bindiya why is she creating a drama and asks if they can’t use the toilet quietly. Bindiya says sorry. Payal asks him to go and says she will come in 5 minutes. Bindiya says ok. He then asks if he saw Krish. Payal says I am in toilet and asks how do I know? Bindiya says sorry and leaves. Payal tells Krish that her answer will be the same. Krish says let’s see if your answer changes or not. He opens the door and pushes her out. Payal thinks her answer is yes, just wait for tomorrow.

Dadi says where is Payal? Baldev ji arranged a car for us. Payal comes there and says she had lost her way. Baldev says it is visible. They are sitting in the car. Bindiya waits to see Krishna and requests God to make her meet Krishna ji once if her love is true. The car starts. Krish gets out and starts running behind the car, shocking his family. Krish keeps running behind the car. Payal thinks Krish might say something. Krish calls the driver. The driver stops the car. Krish asks Bindiya how she can leave without meeting him. Dadi says that’s why Bindiya was sad. Krish says just one day and says Bindiya will be his tomorrow. He asks Payal to take care of keeping him safe. Payal calls him jiju and says she will take care of keeping him safe. They were leaving.

Bindiya tells Dadi, Phoolmati and others that she kept rice, wheat and other things in containers. She tells Phoolmati that she made matri to eat with tea and made besan laddoo for Payal and asks her to take her to college when she goes. He hugs Tadi. Payal thinks Bindiya will be here only and says the place is not far. Payal thinks Baldev will read that letter.

Baldev takes his clothes to the dry cleaners and looks for the letter but it is not there. Indu comes to the room and finds the letter. She is about to open it when she hears something break and goes to check. Baldev comes out of the toilet and finds the letter. He thinks that indu has left her. She reads it and comes out shocked and red-eyed.

Bindiya thinks about Krish’s words and tells Payal that she is not letting her sleep. Payal says you will get dark circles. Bindiya asks what is it? Payal says she doesn’t know and goes back to sleep. Bindiya prays to God and sleeps. Payal thinks Nikku is of no use. She thinks Krish’s dad will read the letter otherwise it will be too late.

Village ladies and others grind haldi for Bindiya’s haldi. Payal gets angry. Bindiya comes for her Haldi ritual. Banarasiya song is playing……Bindiya comes to take her hadi in her house. Krish comes for his hadi. The song is playing….

Dadi blesses Bindiya and gets up. Phoolmati sees Payal tensed and asks her to apply Haldi on Bindiya. Payal applies Haldi to Bindiya. Bindiya applies Haldi on her nose and says you will get married soon. Payal says I will get married sooner than you think and asks Phoolmati to apply Haldi.

Sakshi brings a tube of Haldi paste but Baldev asks them to grind real Haldi. Sakshi says there is no way of kindness. Payal calls Nikku. Nikku shows the call to Krish. Krish motions for her to answer the call. Nikku takes the call. Payal asks is everything fine there? Nikku says yes and asks what happened? He says Haldi is happening. Payal thinks Nikku is a waste. Nikku tells Krish that Payal just called like that. Indu applies Haldi to Krish. Payal thinks of going to Krish’s house to check what is happening because of the letter.

Precap: Bindiya finds Baldev’s letter in Payal’s suitcase. Baldev signs the property papers and tells the lawyer that he has taken this decision to secure Krish’s future. Payal hears them in disguise and thinks sorry Bindi, your marriage is cancelled.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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