Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Eisha saves Mehak

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Eisha tells Veer my brother.. He says I thought we had our moment. She kicks him. He says you want to celebrate raksha bandhan with me? Eisha says I m very worried for Vihaan. Veer says I will bring him back. We will also find Mehak. I know where it is. We will release all the yoginis together. He says she’s annoying though. Eisha hits the pillow. They have a pillow fight. Veer holds Eisha.

Kaviya asks Sikander why are you playing chess alone? He says to know the movements of the enemy. Mahir is strong but not enough to play Veer. She says so you think this is Veer’s game? He says I am trying to understand. A yogini enters. Kaviya says Mahir sent her. Yogini says I can bring your Mahesh powers back. He says wait. She is standing in front of him.

Vihaan calls Veer. They speak their code language. Eisha says who were you talking to? Says someone I know. He approaches the cave. The hunters stop him. Veer hits them. Hunter says this is Armaan. Veer slaps him and says Armaan is boring. I’m the sexy brother. Veer hits them and faints. Veer sneaks inside. Vihaan sets firecrackers outside Taranum’s house. Eisha enters the cave. Veer says there are fake tulsi, I can’t enter. Eisha walks inside. He is looking for Mehak. Mehak is imprisoned there. Eisha asks him to shut up. It distracts the hunter. He stood up. chokes Eisha. Veer is worried about Eisha. Try to get inside. Mehak chooses the device. Veer enters and hits the hunters. Eisha remembers the training and hit the hunter with a brick. Eisha breaks the device. All yogis applaud for her. Enter Veer. He says Eisha you hit them? Eisha says they are not dead. It says you get all the yogis for free? Did you take my credit? She laughs.

Scene 2
Vihaan sets the firecrackers on fire. Cherry sees him. She asks you what you are doing? He says unmasking Mahir. Cherry says why? He says I have to save all yogis. I will expose it. Everyone will see Mahesh’s face. Cherry says Mahir is doing this for someone. Vihaan says he is doing all this. She says only Mahir can tell us who is behind all this. If the hunters find out that it is Mahesh, the hunters will kill him. The biscuits blow. Taranum and Mahir stood up. Hunters come there. Cherry says Mahir are you ok? He takes Mahir inside. Cherry asks Vihaan to leave. Mahir becomes Mahesh. Cherry asks him to calm down. Vihaan calls Veer. Prithvi asks Vihaan what are you doing here? It says I saw the attack here so I stopped. Prithvi says ok go.

Eisha asks a very tall yogini to bring Armaan back to life. She says I can’t promise but we can try. Eisha thanks him. Mahir trains with his hunters. She says Vihaan is coming. Vihaan tells Cherry that we have to find out somehow. He says yes. Mahir comes to them. He says thanks Vihaan. You saved me last time. He says you are also from a line of hunters. Vihaan hangs up with Cherry.. Yoginii starts spell with Mehak. She says it will be hard. We are playing with the universe, so the consequences are not always good.

The episode ends

Credit update to: Atiba

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