The Story of Naagin Vrisha – Episode 8

Rajeshwari faints hearing sarva is


The scene changes to the Shiv temple..

the story of naagin vrisha – episode 8

Bhavya:- Shivji gave this power to change shape to save and help others but you used it to hurt innocent people. No one gave us the right to take the lives of innocent people.

Vinalini:- I know everything. You’re not trying to teach me. I tried to kill him because you started loving him. You came to this house to take revenge on the murderers. And also you are married to darsh. Remember that bhavya.

the story of naagin vrisha – episode 8

Bhavya:- Yes, I know everything, before I got married and entered this family I pretended to love him. At that moment I realized that he is a good person with a good heart. And you said about darsh ​​right? He didn’t love me. He ran away with naagin pratibha.

Vinalini:- Are you sure Bhavya? How did you know that??

Bhavya:- when i came to shiv temple last time naga guru told this only to me.

Vinalini :- why did he pretend to love you??

Bhavya:- He pretended to love me and married me to get naagmani and become the nagaraj of the entire naagvansh. Because until the arrival of the new nagarani I was given the responsibility to save the naagmani. He tried to influence me against naagvansh but I was loyal to my naagvansh. He understood that he would not get naagmani and out of anger got me pregnant and abandoned me.

Vinalini:- But why do you take revenge for the child because of him.

Bhavya,:- for every mother her child is important in her life. I had the baby in my womb for 10 months. Regardless of the father.

Vinalini:- yes i can understand your pain .bhavya. but you don’t have to fall in love with sarva.

Bhavya :- Vinalini, I think you misunderstood me seeing me kissing him. I knew the pain of losing loved ones. So at that moment I don’t know how to console him so I kissed him and tried to make him forget about the loss of his father.

Vinalini in tears :- sorry bhavya, I just misunderstood you.

They both hugged

Vinalini:- After taking revenge for

Your baby. We’ll kill that madness too…

Bhavya:- Now I have to go save sarva

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