Titli June 21, 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli impresses Garv

Titles 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Garv and Titli having a moment. He says you have to help me, you have to become a witness in the court, I got stuck in the lift. She asks me what I will get. He says I knew, what price do you want. She says smile, I want you to smile. He asks what nonsense, this is torture. She says I am a fair girl and it is fake business, you have fake teeth which you are afraid to show. He says very funny, I smile, that’s it. She says the fake smile, practice the real smile, then I will become a witness for you. She leave. Paresh is worried about the expenses. Jaishri says Titli got a good job at Hiral’s boss house. He says we have big loans. Manikant comes to his room. Maina asks why you look worried. He says Koel always misbehaves. She asks him to calm down and sit.

She says not to react to her words, drink water. Say sorry, I can’t wait. She says she doesn’t have a bad heart, she does a lot for us, we have such a relationship with her and we have to do something for her, improve your mood and see what I have, this is for Monica’s marriage. He says you are royal, I like that about you.

Jaishri says we will play ludo please once. Paresh says one game, I will beat you and check expenses again. They play and eat snacks. She says we will find a life partner for Titli. Say I didn’t sit around playing to hear all this. He goes. She says Titli’s life partner will come in her life. Titles decorate the house. Garv comes there and is impressed to see the wonderful decorations.

Flowers fall on Garv. Titli says she will get very angry now. She runs to him. He asks if you liked the arrangements. He says yes, that’s good, he thinks specially the combination of flowers, good job. She says you can smile and say it. Smile and say good job. She says maybe you didn’t practice. She says I will show you what is the glow of a real smile, watch and learn. She is smiling. He says I can’t. She says you are shy, I will come back, you try now, let me see now. He goes. Koel is coming.

Titles run. Koel asks why Titli is around Garv. She removes the decorations. Alpa says go and make tea. Koel says I am busy. Alpa says Manikant is coming home. Titli comes and sees Koel ruining decorations. He hugs Koel. Koel says to leave. Titli says I can understand your pain, when we work for others, our boss fights, you take your anger out on me, its fine. Koel says you think I am maid of this house, I will show you what I am in this house.

Hiral sees a man taking flowers. She makes him fall. She says you are hurt, I will do the job. Manikant says its time for puja. Dadu is coming. Garv asks him to sit. He asked Chacha where Chachi is. Chacha says she will come. Alpa Chachi says you didn’t wear the kurta I kept for you. He says it has tightened. She says you are not doing anything for me as I am not your first love. He says it’s not like that at all.

Garv sees Titli. She motions for him to smile. He goes. Hiral takes the flowers and says I have come to help you. Garv brings Monica here. All are sitting in puja. Pandit asks Manikant’s wife to come. Maina is with him. Koel also comes and sits with them. Titli thinks she will be scolded again. Koel also performs rituals. Titli thinks she is Manikant’s wife.

Garv and Titli save the prasad. Manikant fills Maina’s maang. He gets angry at Koel. he yelled at her. He says I have decided, she will not come in Monica’s marriage. Garv asks why he isn’t coming.

Credit update to: Amena

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