Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Angoori sees Dimple and Vibhuti together

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu goes to David and introduces him to Dimple and tells him that he is looking for a groom. David asks Dimple what is your father doing. Dimple says she has a Kebab stall. David asks her to sit and starts talking to her about different types of Kebabs. David gets excited. Anu and Vibhu keeping an eye on them. David starts telling Dimple about his Kebab stories and how he once met a woman who made delicious Kebab. Vibhu calls Dimple and asks her to dance for David.

Dimple starts dancing for David and he joins in and enjoys it. David says let’s go have some kebabs now and leaves with Dimple.

Anu asks Vibhu to fake an affair with Dimple to make David jealous. Vibhu says people will ask me if I am seeing Dimple. Anu says they allow you and if you don’t know we will lose 20 Cr. Vibhu says it is disgusting. Anu says do it if you want or forget the money.

Vibhu with Dimple both looking into each other’s eyes and hugging. David sees them. David tries to avoid them but Vibhu and Dimple go to the kitchen and David sees them. Angoori in her kitchen sees Vibhu with Dimple.

Vibhu goes to Angoori and taunts Vibhu about last night. Vibhu gets confused and asks what happened last night, nothing happened. Angoori says I saw two birds from kitchen yesterday spending time with each other and leaves.

Saxena teaches Tillu and Teeka Urdu and Arabic. Tillu and Teeka ask basic questions and Saxena teaches them how to ask the questions in Arabic.

Angoori greets Anu and tells her about Dimple. Anu says you mean Dimple, she is Vibhu’s friend who teaches me dance. Angoori says she doesn’t know your house and Tiwari asked me not to trust any stranger, also I don’t like Dimple’s vibes and I saw Dimple and Vibhu in an awkward position last night. Anu says they are just fooling around, don’t worry. Angoori finds the conversation strange and leaves.

As Vibhu walks, Dimple follows him and tells him that she has fallen in love with him. Vibhu says please stay away. I am a happily married man and I love my wife very much. Dimple still follows him.

Rhusa in the car. Teeka Tillu dressed as Arabs and went to her dancing. Rhusa says who are you two, I am late to move out of my way. Teeka and Tillu say come with us, we will take you to DUBAI and make you our queen, we love you a lot. Tillu and Teeka start arguing with each other over who will take Rhusa with them.
Rhusa recognizes them and says what nonsense this is. Teeka and Tillu say we are here to impress you with our Arabi. Rhusa slaps them.

Pre cap: Vibhu tells Angoori that he is ready to have even the poisonous samosa cooked by her.
Angoori thinks that Vibhu is really up for an adventure.

Vibhu sees Teeka and Tillu learning from Saxena and says Saxena will now help us cure David.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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