When is Disney Pixar’s Elemental coming out on DVD and Blu-ray?

Elementary is the latest Disney Pixar film currently in theaters. When will it make its way to DVD and Blu-ray to add to your collection?

Time to take the kids to the movies once again. Another Disney Pixar movie is out and you know they’re going to love every second of it. It really doesn’t matter what we think.

Elementary it’s the movie. Following the elements, as the title suggests, this is a world where the elements can live together but stick to their own areas. After all, they are opposites and could have nothing in common. That is until they realize they actually have a lot in common.

When is Elemental out on DVD and Blu-ray?

The good news is that while the film won’t be coming to Prime Video in the future, it will be heading to DVD and Blu-ray. Of course, the date is not set yet. The movie is just coming out in theaters. We can look at other Disney Pixar releases from the past few years to see when we can expect the release to happen.

For the purpose of this post, we’re looking at Becoming Red and Light yearboth came out in 2022. Becoming Red it only lasted two months Light year it lasted about three months. This could be related to the period of 2022. Becoming Red appeared earlier in the year, which could explain a shorter response time as things returned to normal after the pandemic years.

Potentially, we are thinking of waiting three months for Elementary to hit DVD and Blu-ray. That would suggest Tuesday September 12th or Tuesday September 19th as a potential release date.

How about Digital? Based on the time of about six weeks which Light year got it, we’re looking at late july or early august for this release.

Elementary is now out in theaters.

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