Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15 June 2023 Episode Written Update: Examiner refuses to fail Bhim Rao.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode, Rama knows that the upper caste will never understand the decorum of fighting a battle. Shishupal and Vaipal show an upper caste Bhim Rao, he takes them to their village where many people will be interested in making Bhim Rao fail.

Bala waits for Karuna to return, wondering what is taking him so long to meet Sumit. Shoba asks Bala not to doubt Karuna, Jijabai interferes between their relationship. Karuna and Bala have been married for years, a third person will spoil their relationship. Jijabai asks him to leave and so does Bala. Meera questions Shoba for talking to people who won’t understand her. Shoba never cared, but since Meera started living with her, the family feels like hers. Shoba leaves crying.

Jijabai tells Bala that the chawl members are depriving Bala of his rights, Karuna is his wife and she should have the right to decide. Meera asks Bala that he listened to Jijabai. Karuna comes back, asks her about the weather outside. Karuna replies, everything is the same outside. Bala wants to ask more questions but ignores to see Ramji. Karuna wants him to talk, he asks about Sumit. Karuna says the person she considers her lover and whom she considers a stranger did not come today. Ramji asks Bala to trust Karuna, he can’t trust someone who broke his trust. Karuna asks her to think that she spent time with her boyfriend outside then she came back. Bala is furious, Karuna thinks she has some problem. Karuna leaves. Everyone laughs at Bala.

Karuna is crying in the kitchen.

Rami asks Bala to stop, Karuna has to cry inside. Bala reminds Ramji that he asked him to focus on internal matters, calls Karuna to make him tea.

Bhim Rao and Rama look for work, with a man refusing to offer a job to a graduate. They visit the court in search of a job, Bhim Rao enters but rushes out. They had no luck securing a job.
Shishupal and Vaipal collect money to make Bhim Rao fail.

Bhim Rao and Rama sit down, he finds it strange that people don’t offer him a job because they are graduates, they indirectly laugh at him. Rama wonders about their struggles; the patterns continue to get difficult.

Shishupal and Vaipal visit the examiner checking Bhim Rao’s papers. He presents him with the collected money. The examiner was asked to give up Bhim Rao in return for that money, much more can be offered to fail Bhim Rao. The man makes them look for Bhim Rao’s papers.

Bhim Rao wonders what to do, Rama thinks this scheme is to prevent others from graduating. Bhim Rao asks questions, his achievements will motivate others. The upper caste will not understand. Vaijnath comes to question Bhim Rao for this thought of having a life full of struggles. He suggests to Bhim Rao that he does not consider himself a graduate yet, there is no need to pass the exams. Lower caste has no fruits for them in this society. He will not pass the exam.

Shishupal and Vaipal give Bhim Rao’s documents to the examiner. The Examiner is grateful to them for showing the work of Bhim Rao, the struggle of a lower caste which deserves appreciation. Not only will he give Bhim Rao the grade he deserves, but he will write a letter to preserve his papers. Shishupal threatens to hurt the examiner who threatens to call the police on Shishupal and Vaipal. They were leaving. It was the first time the examiner was bribed to mislead someone.

Bhim Rao asks Vaijnath that he is wandering despite having everything. Vaijanth leaves, he was waiting for his sons. Rama wants Bhim Rao to come home, the heat is unbearable.
Vaijnath asks his son about the work. Vaipal says the man refused to fail Bhim Rao. Shishupal threatened the mother, but he threatened to call the police. Vaijnath questions his son because he is running everything. Bhim Rao says he failed again. Rama thinks that everything falls weakly in front of Bhim Rao.

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