Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th June 2023 Episode Update: Kashvi convinces Arjun to marry her

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kashvi tells Arjun that he doesn’t have to suffer for Mahima’s mistake and that he can give a befitting reply to the critics. asks Arjun marrying her. Kashvi says yes. Arjun asks how can she agree to marry him, feeling sorry for him and unable to see his pain, etc. Kashvi asks her to stop as she knows he is strong and can take on the world but what about his parents and her desire to get married? l. Arjun stands confused. Kashvi says he wants to become a civil service officer for the sake of his family as his ancestors and parents are civil service officers and he has to make them feel proud. She reveals how her daadi tried to kill herself to save the family’s dignity and asks if their love and wishes are greater than their parent’s dignity. He asks if he shouldn’t be thinking about her happiness. Kashvi says she knows she loves Mahim and she is her best friend and cares for him, he should understand the situation. Finally he says that it is good that Mahima ran away before marriage, if she would have run away after marriage. Arjun cries asking why Mahima betrayed him. Kashvi hugs and comforts him and says he knows she is not his second choice but he will marry her. He nods yes. She grooms him back and comes down holding his hand.

Romila tells the elders that neither Mahima nor Kashvi came after such a long time, that they will inform everyone that the wedding is cancelled. Arjun comes in and says the wedding is not cancelled. Nitya asks if he is fine. Arjun says yes. Kashvi says still muhurath is on and both bride and groom are ready for marriage. Nitya asks if she is sure to marry Kashvi. Arjun says he understood what he should and is ready for marriage. Nitya hugs both of them. Kashvi says she will reach Mandap soon and asks the family not to reveal what happened in this room to anyone. Romila asks if Mahima is coming back. Nitya says they don’t care if Mahima comes back as she can’t be Bajwa DIL family now. Romila says what people will answer when they ask why Kashvi replaced Mahima. Daadi says they will hide Kashvi’s face with a veil, no one can ask questions after the wedding is over. Jagdish says who cares, even if people ask him questions, he should go check the arrangements.

Daadi blesses Kashvi. Kashvi sends Arjun to Mandap. Nayan and Sam give Kashvi an emotional hug. Kashvi goes to change. Nayan tells Sam that sometimes kids handle the situation well. Sam says Kashvi is wise like Nayan who cares about family first, Kashvi sacrificed for family and prepared Arjun for marriage, he is eager to inform everyone that Kashvi is his daughter. Nayan says not now, she should make sure the wedding ends smoothly. The taxi driver finds Mahima unconscious on the road and wakes her up. Mahima asks how did she come here and remembers that some boys attacked her for her jewellery. She finds her jewelry missing and informs the driver that the boys stole her jewelry. The driver says he warned her not to go down that street, but she didn’t listen. He says he will take her to the police to file a police complaint. Mahima insists on dropping her home first. He agrees and gets her into the car. She thinks that she will somehow convince Arjun with her fake story and crocodile tears to marry her.

Precap: Romila tells the family that neither Kashvi nor Mahima has returned, they should inform everyone that the wedding is cancelled. Arjun and Kashvi exchange garlands. Mahima comes back and asks when she is bride and sitting here, whom Arjun is marrying.

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