Titli June 17, 2023 written episode update: Titli rejects Garv’s offer

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The episode starts with the neighbors asking about Titli, if she tried to kill herself, why doesn’t she come out of her room. Jaishri gets worried. Titli prepares and comes. She says I am going to work. The ladies ask how it’s going. Titli says I will not lose my courage. Titli leaves. She meets Kaka. He asks her to take care of the new store. He encourages her. He says this is the office area, you will receive many orders and commissioner, the one who was not made for you has gone, the one made for you will come. Garv comes there. Kaka leaves. Titli gets down to business. A lady comes and orders the bouquet. Titli does it and gives it to her. She gets more orders. He sees the crowd at the store. He sees Titli and goes to his office. Titli enters the elevator with a bouquet. He sees Garv. Garv taunts Titli. He says the combination is good, I have an offer for you. She says thanks but sorry, I decline your offer. His staff is watching.

Garv asks Titli to think again. She says I will lose my peace of mind, her devil, respect is also imp, you don’t respect your employees. He says we must respect the time. They argue. He mocks her for saying no to everyone. Her purse gets stuck in the elevator door. She pulls it. She leave.

The girls go to Hiral and tell about Garv and Titli. Garv asks Hiral to get the file. She says this angry young man look suits her. They talk about his sister’s marriage. Koel is cooking. She talks about Monica’s mother-in-law coming. Everyone greets Monica’s in-laws. Vin Manikant and his wife Maina. Koel makes the samosa potato filling. Maina likes it a lot. Koel says I forgot to add dhania in it. Maina asks her to come and meet the groom’s family. Koel says no, Manikant scolded me in the morning. Maina says you are special for me and family, come meet them. Koel says come.

She meets guests and banishes bad eyesight. Maina says you are Badimaa to my children, they are Aditya’s parents. The lady asks what is your relationship with Maina. Maina says she is my elder sister. Koel smiles. Hiral says my sister is best in decoration work. Garv says ok call her. Hiral goes and says I will get an entry to his house. Chintu comes to the flower shop. Titli asks her to have samosa. Chintu’s friend Amol says he didn’t apply to a good college. Titli asks why. Chintu says we have financial problems. She says I will help you with taxes. Hiral says my boss wants a decorator, I convinced him to give you the work, he wants to meet you once, meet him. She goes. Chintu says congratulations. Titli hugs him and thinks to help Paresh in his responsibilities.

Titli meets Garv. He says you rejected the offer. They argue. She runs into Rahul.

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