Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayan and Samrat’s Wedding

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahima packs and informs Veer that they are going by plane and not by train. Romila enters and asks where he is going. Mahima says she is going to Mumbai. Romila asks her to come down and see Nayan marrying Sam in the same mandap where Mahima was supposed to marry Arjun. Mahima says she doesn’t care. Romila shows her fake care for Mahima and tries her best to manipulate her. Mahima says if Nayan marries Sam and leaves the house, Romila can own her; she is just bothered about her freedom and leaves for Mumbai. Romila grins.

Kashvi picks a bridal saree for Nayan and says she doesn’t have a single saree that can be worn by a bride. Sam walks in and says he got a wedding sari for Nayan. Kashvi says he is very handsome and goes to get suitable jewelery for Nayan. Nayan asks when did she buy this saree. Sam says he bought it when he found out she was alive, even though he was mad at her and knew he would be reunited with her one day. Kashvi comes back and says they look like love birds. He asks Sam to go out and let Nayan get ready as a bride. Sam says he breathed till now to see Nayan as his bride.

Sam is sitting in the mandap waiting for Nayan. Arjun corrects his turban brooch. Nayan enters as a bride. Sam feels lost in her beauty. Arjun alerts him and reminds him that he has to marry Nayan first. Nayan and Sam’s wedding ends as per the rituals and they take Daadi’s blessings. Daadi blesses Nayan that she gets the happiness of the whole world. The family then performs the vidaayi ritual of Kashvi and Arjun. The series’ title track plays in the background.

Sam takes Nayan home and says this is her home now from now on. Pradyuman gets angry seeing Nayan and asks him why he brought Mahima’s mother home, she is as cunning as her daughter. Sam warns him to watch his tongue as Nayan is now his wife and tries to slap him. Nayan stops Sam and says it’s not Pradyuman’s fault as he doesn’t know anything. She apologizes to Pradyuman on Mahima’s behalf and says that she didn’t know that Mahima would leave him and even though they were in a relationship and wanted to move on. Sam reveals that Mahima is not Nayan’s daughter and hence she didn’t have her good values, Nayan is just following her promise to Mahima’s father Satish, he and Nayan got married 20 years ago and separated from some reason. Pradyuman asks if Nayan is the wife he loves so much and has been waiting for for 20 years. Sam nods yes. Pradyuman apologizes to Nayan and welcomes him to their family.

Precap: Sam tells Nayan that Kashvi has done a lot for them and hence I should gift him something. Kashvi does her grihapravesh in Arjun’s house and serves sweets to the family the next morning. Nitya says they are lucky to have a DIL who is good at both studies and household chores. Sam comes in with the servants and says that Kashvi won’t do the housework. Nitya says even they have servants at home, if Sam wants to prove that he is richer than him, she will not tolerate if it is a matter of family dignity.

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