Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu and Abhi’s Awkward Moment

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Akshu seeing Abhi. She says you… not you. He says I know it was not for me but for Sharma ji. She says yes. He says its fine, throw it away. She says I have nothing to leave. He looked at her. He asks if you are drunk. It makes a drama. He smiles. They ask where you are from. She says Kairav, Aarohi and I went out and had many mocktails. He says that’s why, stay here, I will get something. She holds his hand. Manjiri drinks water. She asks me why I think like that. She thinks of Akshu and Abhi. Akshu and Abhi shake hands. Manjiri watched. It is morning, Akshu asks mama ji to come. Abhir says everyone looks good today. Manish says we have everything, just check. Suwarna and Manjiri also ask Akshu to check.

Akshu says everything is fine, don’t worry. Kairav ​​greets mama ji. Mama ji says he is Muskaan’s husband, he is not Pahadi. Abhinav says the family is from Udaipur, he is Akshu’s elder brother. Mama ji says personality is good but she has high nose. Everyone is smiling. Neela says he is your son in law. Mama ji says he is Muskaan’s choice. Akshu says we will do welcome ceremony, come. Manish and everyone give the gifts to Mama ji. They have a discussion. Neela says my brother has a habit of joking. Manish asks how is your health. Mama ji says we never have knee pain here. Surekha says it is so hot here. She is standing in front of a fan. Daddy scolds her. Surekha says the fan has stopped working. Abhinav checks and says I will fix this, 2 minutes. He asks Abhir to get a screwdriver. Manish says we will go and get a fan. Abhi says shop is 10 minutes away.

Kairav ​​says we will go. Akshu stops them. She says don’t waste money in my house, Abhinav will get it, weather is cool here, give me 5 seconds to lower the temperature here. She goes and opens a window. She gets a wet cloth/dupatta and fixes it to the curtain. She says see now cold air will come, be careful, you might freeze. Surekha thanks him. Manjiri thinks Akshu has become sensitive, I didn’t think he will do this, the truth is in front of me and I can’t see it. Muskaan gets Dev’s call. She goes outside. Abhinav starts the fan. Everyone applauds. Abhir says well done father and mother. Akshu believes that nothing can go wrong until we are together. Muskaan asks 50000 lei, how will I get money. Dev says I am coming, keep the money ready. She says no please. He says come here and give it to me. She says I have no money. He turns and sees Kairav.

He asks if you need to give money to a friend, I will, I am there, we are getting married. She says no, I refused my friend, she will manage. She goes. He says why is he behaving like this. Akshu says Muskaan, I was looking for you, oh Kairav ​​and you were together. Neela asks Muskaan to come soon. Muskaan and Kairav ​​stand. Mom gives her the gifts. Dadi says we want to give Shagun to Muskaan too. Dadi gives the necklace to Muskaan. Suwarna gives an envelope. Muskaan checks the money. She thinks I have no choice, Dev can come here, I have to give him this money. Mama ji says we will meet again. He blesses Kairav ​​and Muskaan. Abhinav asks Abhir to touch Mama ji’s feet. Abhir falls. Abhi and Askhu hold him. Mama ji takes out her specs to clean. He blesses them to stay happy and together. It carries its specs. Abhinav looked.

Mom ji says sorry Akshu, I thought you and Abhinav are together, I can’t see anything without glasses. He leaves. Ruhi asks Abhir not to be sad and enjoy Kairav’s marriage. She asks him to make a wish to meet his real father. wishes Abhir. Manjiri is talking to Shefali on a video call. She says you were right, I did a mistake of not knowing Akshu and Abhi’s love, Mahadev did his jodia, I saw his happiness with Akshu and Abhir.

She says they should be a family. Shefali says I was wrong, I thought about Abhir, relationship should be done by heart. Manjiri says fate has given them a second chance. Shefali says no, Akshu and Abhinav got married, Abhi and Aarohi got engaged, don’t break the strings, else four lives and two childhoods will be ruined. Manjiri sees Akshu, Abhi and Aarohi. She is crying.

Abhir says my father is here. Ruhi says your real father and you will scream too. They come to Abhi. Abhir thinks he is doctor my father.

Credit update to: Amena

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