Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sangeet fun

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ruhi and Abhir saying that uncle didn’t come to face Surekha, who will now. Surekha says there is no one capable. Manish says I will do it. Kairav ​​says you are from groom’s side. Muskaan says he considers me a daughter. Manish says Surekha shouldn’t have any problem. Surekha says I have no problem. Dadi says you are a problem. Ruhi says the first dance is between Dadi and Neela Amma. Dadi and Neela Amma are dancing. Neela coughs and gets tired. Abhir says the winner is Dadi. Daddy hugs Neela.

Ruhi says now its Suwarna and Manjiri’s turn. Suwarna and Manjiri dance. Aaj phir kiddhe chal liye… Manjiri sees Abhinav and stops dancing. Ruhi says Manjiri stopped and Suwarna won. Abhi says its fine Maa come. Abhir says it is Manish and Surekha’s turn now. Manish and Surekha compete and dance. Dance energetically and win face. Dadi says Surekha, dance again tomorrow, come. Abhir says its Kairav ​​and Abhinav’s turn now. Manish whistles for Kairav. Aarohi asks who are you supporting, Kairav​​​​​​or Abhinav. Muskaan says 50-50 but it is best if Abhinav wins. Kairav ​​​​​​​​and Abhinav dance on Kesariya remix. To install Muskaan wink. Kairav ​​holds his heart and stops dancing. Abhir says yes dad won. Kairav ​​says Muskaan cheated. They ask what. Muskaan asks what I did. To install Kairav​​​​​​smiles. Akshu says well done husband ji. Ruhi says its Aarohi and Muskaan’s turn now.

Aarohi and Muskaan dance. Aarohi stops dancing and holds her head. Muskaan holds her. Aarohi raises Muskaan’s hand as the winner. Everyone is smiling. Aarohi hugs Muskaan. Manjiri thinks I want to see Akshu and Abhi together but I can’t stay away from Aarohi and Ruhi, what should I do. Akshu asks are you fine. Aarohi says yes. Kairav ​​says congratulations. Manish teases Kairav. Kairav ​​thanks Aarohi. Manish says now its Akshu-Abhir and Abhi-Ruhi’s turn. Everyone applauds. Akshu and Abhi dance with Abhir and Ruhi. Dum dum mast come… play…

Manjiri looks at Abhinav. The children dance and start jumping. Everyone laughs. Ruhi’s slipper comes down. She asks Abhi to dance. Abhi dances with Abhir and Akshu. Manjiri smiles. Surekha says amazing performance. Abhi says Kairav ​​and Muskaan should dance now. Kairav ​​and Muskaan dance. All couples dance. Tere vaaste… play… Akshu motions Abhinav to come. Sign no and leave. She thinks there is something troubling him. She goes after him. Abhinav remembers Akshu and cries.

Akshu comes and sits. She asks will you dance with me, hold my hand and dance. He thinks I want to keep happiness and then I feel like I don’t deserve it. He remembers her words and holds her hand. He hugs her. She asks what is it, tell me. He says I won that dance, but I can’t do this couple dance, I am not good like Abhi, you and Abhi are dancing so well, let’s go, sorry, I can’t dance. She stops him. She says we won’t go here till you tell me, don’t try to lie. He says I am scared. He hugs her. She asks why. He says I am afraid of what can happen and if it will happen. She asks are you afraid that Muskaan will go and Neela will fall alone, we are there, Muskaan had to go one day, she is not going to a stranger’s house but to us. He says my heart is strained. She says fear is good, we try harder, we have not lost till now, when we have lot of happiness, we are afraid to lose it, you feel same, right, talk to me, look at me. Abhir asks them to come.

Abhir says I love mom and dad and I love you. Abhi hugs him. He says I think its time to tell truth to Abhir. Akshu says once bidaai happens, I will talk to Abhinav, I will tell him that Abhir knows that he is not his real father. Abhinav looked shocked.

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