‘America’s Got Talent’ Dance Crew Wins Golden Buzzer, Leaves Howie Mandel ‘Mesmerized’ (VIDEO)

‘america’s got talent’ dance crew wins golden buzzer

Howie Mandel slammed the Golden Buzzer on Tuesday (June 20) America has talent after a stunning performance left him “mesmerized”.

As the fourth night of season 18 auditions took place at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, French dance group Murmuration took the stage to try and impress judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Mandel.

The show (watch below), which featured 65 blindfolded dancers, saw Jibril Maillot lead his team in a perfectly timed routine, leaving both the live audience and judges in awe. Even host Terry Crews was stunned as he watched from the sidelines.

“Wow, I mean, you guys were so amazingly in sync, even though you couldn’t see anything, and there are so many of you,” Klum said. “But it was so elegant; it was so much grace. I thought it was fantastic.”

Vergara had similar praise, saying, “I think that kind of timing is amazing to me. It’s spectacular. At first it reminded me of my Golden Buzzer from last year, The Mayyas, but you guys have your own style. And I thought it was magnificent.”

But Mandel was most impressed of all, telling the group, “Well, I was mesmerized. I find what you do hypnotic. And I think it’s very original. I find it almost more magnificent when you have a large group of people and the movements are smaller but perfect. It amazes me.”

Then, mimicking the dancers’ moves, Mandel danced to the center of the judges’ table and slammed the Golden Buzzer, sending the group straight to the live rounds. Murmuration members shed tears of joy as confetti rained down from above.

Murmuration was created by Sadeck Berrabah, who previously auditioned for AGT for Season 13 with dance group Géométrie Variable, who were eliminated in the audition rounds. Berrabah later became a finalist in the French version of the You have talent with his group Mega Unity.

Berrabah could not play for AGT because he was ill at the time of recording, but his best friend Maillot took over the audition.

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