Sapno Ki Chhalaang 22nd June 2023 Episode Written Update: Radhika is accused

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhika talking to Suman and explaining the situation. She goes to work. Amma comes to Suman. She says you are getting very worried, Radhika is not hiding anything from us. Radhika receives Reena’s audio message. She worries. Reena and her parents come home. Her father Sahay was scolding her. Lavi asks what did Reena do. Her mother says she ran off and married a guy. Suman and Gomti are shocked. Suman says you did this without telling anyone. Reena’s mother says no, she did this following Radhika’s advice. Sahay says that Radhika encouraged her to run away and marry her love. Radhe says she can’t do that. Sahay says that Reena was inspired by Radhika. Suman asks Reena what did Radhika tell her, did she know about that guy. Reena says yes, she knew about Anshuman. Amma says Suman, call Radhika.

Sahay says I am not saying anything wrong. Suman calls Radhika. Radhika asks did he calm your anger. Suman asks did you know about Reena. Radhe says tell us, you knew about Reena and Anshuman, you told her not to marry the guy of her parents choice. Reena’s mother says Radhika knew everything, she cheated us, asked Reena to run away with her boyfriend. Radhika says no I didn’t say that. Sahay says Radhika made Reena run away and get married. Radhika asks what, Reena ran away and got married, I didn’t know that. Reena says I called you and said it is an urgent matter. Radhika says you called but… Reena’s mom says you did wrong. Lucky says Reena is an adult, she can take her own decisions, why did she listen to Radhika, she will listen to Radhika and jump into the well. Radhika says I didn’t tell her anything. Lavi says Radhika went to police station yesterday and this happened today. Gomti asks him to stop. Radhika says I didn’t say anything to Reena, clear this misunderstanding. Radhe says we will talk later. He apologizes to Sahay. Sahay warns them about Radhika. He says you made a big mistake by sending Radhika to Mumbai, you will regret it. Reena’s mom says we will pray that Radhika doesn’t do this, she chose a wrong path. Reena and her parents leave. Suman cries.

Radhika sends the audio note to Reena. She calls Radhe. Alisa asks her to come to the presentation. Radhika calls Lucky. Jairam says there is daily drama. Radhika says I didn’t tell this to Reena. He hears Jairam talking. She asks Lucky to make her talk to Suman. Lucky gives the phone to Suman. Suman leaves. Gomti asks Jairam to calm down. Veer is waiting for Radhika.

Alisa says Radhika is coming in 2 minutes. Radhika says I had no idea about Reena, I didn’t know that, she took my name. Suman says she is your childhood friend, she was blaming you for her mistake, she said you were wrong, everyone believed her, why doesn’t your family believe you, tell me, even I don’t believe you. Radhika asks what. Suman says you didn’t tell me about them. Radhika says we didn’t know she will run away. Suman scolds her.

Radhika says I told her to fight for herself. Suman says you could have told me this. Radhika says no, I had to keep it a secret. Suman says you mean your friends matter to you more than family, you have changed. Radhe looked. Radhika says I told her to talk to her parents, else she would have regretted like Preeti, I didn’t ask her to run away and marry Anshuman, I didn’t do anything to defame the family, if I say sorry, I will makes me feel like I’m accepting my guilt, I didn’t do anything wrong. She ends the call. Suman sees Radhe and says Radhika has changed, I am losing her. She is crying. Radhika is also crying. He rushes to make the presentation. She says sorry, it was a crisis. Veer says ok wait. Radhika spills water on papers and laptop. She says sorry. Gomti says we will talk to Radhika. Suman says no, it is getting out of hand. Gomti says she will curse you if you force her to come back. Suman says I don’t want Radhika to come back but I thought what to do. Veer asks what is happening, how can you be late.

Radhika says so bad. She gets a call and disconnects. He says we all have family and we have family problems, we deal with it, leave your problems outside office, please focus on work, if your job is not confirmed then no one will care, you have to to think for yourself. . She gets a call again. Veer is walking.

Sree says Jazz has left. Gomti asks why didn’t you answer the call. Suman says I am coming to meet you.

Credit update to: Amena

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