Barsatein 25 July 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna finds out about Mayank

Barsatein 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aradhna talking to Revati and going to dance with Reyansh. Kadambari talks to Vikram about Aradhna. He asks her to work hard and know her son’s feelings. She says you are right, I will try. She is smiling. Reyansh dances and the ring box falls. Kadambari chooses him. She goes to Aradhna to talk. Aradhna says sorry for that day. Kadambari says no need, you were right, I saw Reyansh happy today, you are the reason. She shows the ring and says he had this ring with him, he wants to give this to you, help him please. She gives the ring to Aradhna and leaves. Aradhna smiles. Reyansh searches for the ring. He says I have the intention but not the ring. Vikram says look there, Aradhna is looking for you, go. Aradhna says she should have talked to me once, what should I tell her. Reyansh asks what. She’s joking. He says you always lecture yourself. She says fine, I will not give the ring. He stops her. He says I have to tell you something. She says so soon, it’s not early. He asks if you don’t want to go home, your father will be angry. She asks are you sure. He says you know what I am going to say and you ask if I am sure or not. He sees Revati and thinks her friend has come, I have to go to meet her. He says I was thinking. She says just hurry up else don’t say. He says I… Revati’s BF is Aradhna’s ex Mayank. Reyansh and Aradhna have a discussion. Mayank asks whose house is this, friend, boss or… shall I tell them what you did with me. She says I asked you many times. He says I want your love, just come and meet me. Aradhna sees Revati tensed. She goes to Revati and asks what happened. Revati says he will ruin me. Aradhna says don’t worry, calm down. Reyansh signs Aradhna to come. Revati ascends. She’s dizzy. Aradhna holds her and asks are you okay. She loses her balance. Reyansh goes and holds Aradhna. Ye lamha… play… Everyone is watching.

Vikram says Revati fainted and you guys are in love. Reyansh asks them to help. He picks up Aradhna and asks if you are okay. Aradhna says I am fine, she is hurt. Vikram jokes. Aradhna says thanks but I am not hurt. Reyansh puts her down. Vikram says people become blind in love, its good. Reyansh smiles. Vivek says doctor will come.

Reyansh says Aradhna has to show her legs. Aradhna says I will go. Revati cries. Aradhna asks him to evacuate her. Revati says this guy is a cheater, I fell for him. Aradhna says it happens, I am diabetic but I eat fries. Revati says I was irritated. Reyansh asks Aradhna to control her diet. He says you girls like the wrong boys, why, you want to reform them, like us boys are a project. Revati says I am only 19, who will I change. Aradhna says don’t worry. She asks Reyansh to change her clothes. She stands up and says my purse. Say you have a cramp, get a cold. She says ring, meaning my phone would ring. He says ok, my leg hurts too, but I’ll get it. He goes. Revati says that guy is blackmailing me, he has my pictures, my family doesn’t want me to marry Mayank. Aradhna asks what is his full name, do you have his picture. Revati shows him. Aradhna recalls the fight and breakup with Mayank. Revati asks do you know him. Aradhna says I know him well, you won’t go to meet him, I will meet him, I know how to direct him.

Aradhna goes home and tells Jagruti about Mayank and Revati. Bhakti gets milk for them. Jagruti asks what is the ring thing, Reyansh gave it to her. Aradhna says no, his mother gave it. Jagruti asks if your Saas proposed you. Aradhna says no, I didn’t answer. It comes hard. Aradhna says sorry, you are angry with me, Sharma uncle accepted Pooja, you are still angry, I am not a bad daughter. Harsh says the issue is about your thinking and values. Aradhna says you asked me to leave Mayank, I know he was a bad guy, you stopped me in time, thanks, I know you will think well of me, Vikram is a nice guy, he will make Pooja happy, sorry, I don’t like going to office without talking to you. Harsh says you speak well. They say I love you and hug you. Bhakti also embraces them. Harsh says you are my daughter, my pride, always remember that. Aradhna nods.

Reyansh argues with Kadambari. She slaps him. Reyansh is drinking. He meets Aradhna. He says I want to love you, I love you.

Credit update to: Amena

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