Bhagya Lakshmi 20th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Rishi and Lakshmi are saved

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Episode starts with Rishi walking holding Lakshmi and says when you are with me then all troubles seem easy and all pains turn into happiness, it seems I can never be sad with you. Lakshmi asks him to leave her and says she will go alone. Rishi says I will not get a chance to lift you after marriage. Lakshmi sees the pillar moving. Virender tells Dadi that the condition of the outhouse is bad. Vikrant asks her to tell him what happened? Virender tells him about Lakshmi went to the annex and tells him that the condition of the annex is bad and needs to be fixed. He says Lakshmi has not come yet. He says he will call Rishi. Neelam says I will talk to him. Dadi blames herself for sending her there. Just then I hear something fall. Virender says it looks like the wall has fallen. Virender and Vikrant go to check. Dadi blames herself. Neelam asks her not to blame herself and tells her that it was Lakshmi’s destiny that she went there. She thinks if Rishi went there. Ahana tells Ayush that Lakshmi has gone to the annexes and his condition is very bad. Ayush says I will go check. He asks Ahana to see Shalu and Bani and goes to save Lakshmi. Bani asks why did he go there? Ahana asks them not to worry. Neelam asks Sonia if she went to the annexes. Sonia goes to see Rishi. Ayush comes running there and tells Karishma that he will save Lakshmi. Neelam thinks if Rishi switched off his mobile on purpose. Sonia comes back to Neelam and says Rishi Bhai is not home. Neelam is about to go there but Karishma stops her and says you will not go anywhere. Dadi says I am already repenting for sending Lakshmi there. Neelam says they are going after Rishi. Dadi asks if Rishi is there. Karishma says yes. Dadi says then Rishi and Lakshmi will save each other. Vikrant and Virender come to the studio. Ayush also comes there. They see the things in front of the broken gasket and try to move it. Ayush says they will break the wall. Vikrant says it could be dangerous and says if Lakshmi is on the other side then? Virender says no, the wall will not be broken.

Ayush looks inside and calls Bhabhi. Karishma asks Neelam to be strong and says nothing will happen to Rishi. Neelam gets worried saying Pandit ji’s words and says that Rishi is angry that he saved Lakshmi and he can go anywhere to save her. Karishma asks are you sure she is there? Neelam says you saw him with your own eyes and says Rishi can go to Pataal lok to save Lakshmi. Ayush, Virender and Vikrant go inside from the window…Ayush moves the pillars, shouts Bhabhi and finds her pallu. He then finds Rishi’s phone. They heave a sigh of relief and think that Rishi and Lakshmi will be safe together. Vikrant looked shocked. Ayush says did they go home. Vikrant thinks that Rishi is not leaving Lakshmi. He says they weren’t at home and I didn’t see them on the road. Ayush says let’s look for them. Sonia tells them that Lakshmi did this on purpose and made Dadi feel guilty. Malishka says I don’t know why family members are making Lakshmi great as if she is devi. Ayush, Vikrant and Virender look for Lakshmi and Rishi.

Rishi and Lakshmi hide in the almirah and think of taking less oxygen and stop breathing for a while. They don’t tell each other. Rishi holds her hand and asks her in his heart to breathe as he knows she is not breathing. And she thinks the same in her heart. He says in his heart that he loves her and wants to know if she loves him too. Lakshmi says in her heart, what to say. Dadi prays to God for Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka tells Sonia that Rishi should have switched on his phone as we can know where he is? Neelam says she must be with that inauspicious girl. Karishma says I will call Virender Bhai. She calls him and asks if Rishi is found. Virender says no but he found Rishi’s phone.

Neelam asks where am I? Virender says I don’t know, but the condition is bad here, windows, doors and walls fell, everything got messed up. Neelam cries and says she wanted to go there but Karishma and Dadi stopped her. Virender says you know when they are together, nothing will happen to them. Neelam says what can she do when destiny is bad. Virender says our blessings are with them. Anjana asks them not to worry and says that Vikrant is very brave and will not let anything happen to them. Lakshmi in her heart says Rishi…I. Rishi asks in his heart. Lakshmi says in her heart… Rishi I… Then faints. Ayush looks at the almirah and walks towards it, when the pillar is about to fall on him, Vikrant holds the pillar and saves Ayush. Ayush and Virender thank Vikrant. Ayush says he doubts it is in the almira. Virender says but how will they breathe. Vikrant says there is no way to get out, they will check as the almira is still there, though everything is messed up. Ayush opens the almira door and finds Rishi and Lakshmi unconscious. Vikrant and Ayush try to make them come to their senses. Rishi regains consciousness and asks Lakshmi to get up. He says there was less oxygen here, so Lakshmi was not breathing. Rishi says I will take it. He picks her up and takes her from there. Vikrant gets angry.

Ayush and Virender come home. Neelam asks where is Rishi? Saloni asks where is Lakshmi? They see Rishi bringing unconscious Lakshmi there. Saloni worries about Vikrant and asks if he is fine. Tadi thanks God for keeping them safe. Rishi takes Lakshmi to bedroom and says I will call doctor. Vikrant says I already called doctor. Rishi says Lakshmi did everything right and saved me again. Neelam asks Rishi to go to his room and rest. Rishi says till Lakshmi regains consciousness, I will be here and not going anywhere.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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