Lex Luthor, a free agent of chaos in “Superman & Lois”, “Real Sports” goes swimming, sports and cinema in “Black Pop”, “FBI True”

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Superman and Lois

The rare superhero series to escape the CW purge — its companion show, Knights of Gothamhe wasn’t so lucky…Superman and Lois spotlights iconic villain Lex Luthor (now played by zombies veteran Michael Cudlitz) in the penultimate episode of Season 3. Lex is about to be released from prison after 17 years, and chances are he’ll soon be a thorn in everyone’s side, at least those who stick around for Season 4. ( Almost everyone except the Kent family and the new companies). -star Cudlitz, were dropped as series regulars for the next season in a significant budget cut, though some may make recurring appearances.)

lex luthor

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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

New from the athletic pool: Synchronized swimming has been rebranded as artistic swimming, with an extreme sports twist to high-flying acrobatics and fast choreography. It may be more fun to watch, but is it more dangerous for the athletes? Soledad O’Brien interviews former US National Team members who say the evolution of the sport destroyed their mental health. Another segment investigates the collapsed career of the rookie NFL punter –Matt Araiza, who was waived by the Buffalo Bills before the start of his freshman season after being named in a lawsuit involving a campus gang-rape. Months later, the San Diego DA declined to file charges, so where does that leave the unemployed Araiza?

Steph Curry


Black Pop: Celebrating the Power of Black Culture

The final two segments of the pop culture retrospective look at findings from the world of black sports, where superstars like Stephen Curry reign, and black film, which spans genres including romantic (Waiting to expire), comedy (Friday) and horror (go out).

FBI True


FBI True

Real-life FBI agents look back on some of their most notable and notorious cases in the third season of the docuseries from FBI co-creator Craig Turk and FBI agent turned producer Anne Little. Among the high-profile cases revisited: the 10th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing and the 30th anniversary of the siege in Waco, Texas, the DC sniper attacks, the Golden State Killer and the bombing in 2016 at New York Chelsea.


  • Defeat Shazam (8/7, Fox): Can a team of nuns beat the odds and take home the million dollar prize by naming that song? (We suspect the soundtrack of The sound of Music not on the playlist.)
  • Mother Bears (10/9c, PBS): Year Independent lens the documentary is a study of unconditional love, profiling the “mama bear” movement in conservative Christian circles, made up of mothers who reconcile their religious beliefs with support for their LGBTQ children.
  • Where is baby Gabriel? (streaming on Peacock): A three-part docuseries explores the mystery surrounding the 2009 disappearance of a child Gabriel Johnsonwhose mother ELISABETH First he claimed he killed the baby, then insisted he gave it to a couple in a park. If the boy is alive, he would now be a teenager.
  • 85 South: Legends of the Ghetto (streaming on Netflix): a comedy trio (DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean) freestyles his way through a no-holds-barred comedy special.

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