Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

A bride panics after seeing a ghost and asks her husband to stay with hr. The husband says she is young, his parents need him more than her, he convinces her and leaves. The bride panics and opens the window when she finds the outside door locked. A cat jumps in and she screams. Her in-laws believe their DIL is possessed by a ghost. Gaura is busy in her office when Varun walks in wearing a ghost mask and scares her. The hole is afraid. Varun laughs at her and says the ghost scarer is afraid of a ghost mask. She asks him why he came. He says he has breakfast for her and asks her to take it right now. Rekha comes out and fumes seeing Varun’s concern for Gaura.

A couple comes to meet Gaura, tells her that their DIL is possessed and asks her to help them get rid of their DIL. They start talking bad about their DIL. Gaura gets angry at them and then promises to visit their house tomorrow and assess the condition there. They were leaving. Gaura notices Varun’s wallet and informs him over the phone. Varun says he will choose her later. Gaura says she has his important books, so she will come and give them home. Call her at the restaurant. The hole agrees. Varun says she is so innocent who believed his trick and is waiting for her at the restaurant.

Som brings Twinkle to the same restaurant. Twinkle yells at Som as usual. She gets happy seeing a bouquet of flowers ordered by Varun. The waiter says it’s not for her. Twinkle frowned more. Sm says she will order flowers for her. Twinkle says she wanted a surprise and waits to see who that bouquet is ordered for. The hole reaches the restaurant. Varun greets her with a bouquet. Take a nearby table. A waiter passing a cup of water drops. Varun accidentally injures his hand with a piece of glass. The hole bandages him. Varun wonders if she has a husband or a boyfriend. Gaura gets emotional and says she doesn’t want to discuss her past and thanks him for supporting her in her time of need by giving her the house to rent and helping her set up a ghost exorcism business.

Gaura then comes out in tears seeing Som and Twinkle nearby and leaves the restaurant. She arrives at the couple’s house who shows them the house and informs them about the incidents that happened since their DIL came home. The drama continues…

Precap: Rekha learns that the ghost inhabits the bride’s body and is the groom’s ex-girlfriend.

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